By | 10.10.2023

Your video and music streaming recorder. Find, record, save, convert and enjoy music, movies, radio & more. Watch the video. Why Use Audials? • 36, U.S. stations sorted by state and genre • A total of , radio stations in MP3 and AAC format, and , podcasts, sorted by. Audials One is an all-in-one recording solution that can record movies, TV series, or music in high definition. Audials One can record DRM-free content from.

|My favorite functions include the ability to search stations by artist and to know audials bitrate of the stream up audials.


I also like the fact that the next audials takes you to your next favorited audials. If I had a wishlist item, audials, though, it would be to the ability to Chromecast, audials. The lack of this is the audials reason I have to switch back to TuneIn occasionally, audials.


This is a great app that is extremely functional, audials, audials. Audials love the audials that I can access my streams through a browser when using a audials. Bug found, audials.

Thanks for recent update to make favorites link on front page, audials. But favorites needs to function the same way audials when your in audials mode and auto play whenever you tap on a favorite, audials, audials, audials, audials.

There should be a option for car mode that you audials turn it off and on permanently, audials, so that if you want audials remain in car mode it will be your choice, audials. Audials should be an option to make favorites your front page permanently if you audials like, audials, audials, audials. Then favorites audials always be the first thing that you see when you open the app this is what people want, audials, audials.

Lastly, there seems to audials a bug with this new version so that your not able to pause from your car stereo while using car play and also mostly not working when you try to start playing a station again from your car stereo audials stopping the station manually, audials, audials.

The radio app I had been using was lat updated 4 years ago and 3 of my favorite local stations stopped working and the developer apparently no longer responds to help emails, audials.


I spent about a week trying different radio apps but the majority did not have all the local stations I listen to, audials, audials, audials. The only issue I have audials across is several stations have about a 10 second lag before they start audials that is probably the actual online station audials and not necessarily the audials causing this, audials, audials.

I definitely recommend Audials.❷