Carbon copy cloner

By | 15.10.2023

You want options, and CCC has them! Create a backup on your external drive or back up your files to another Macintosh. Back up only an individual folder. Carbon Copy Cloner is a backup and disk cloning utility for macOS made by Bombich. Carbon Copy Cloner is an advanced backup and file copying application for macOS. Looking for something better than Time Machine? With just a few clicks you.

|Looking for something better than Time Machine? With just a few clicks you can set up CCC to make hourly or daily carbons of your Mac. Cloner can build extensive file version history that you can use to copy older versions of files, carbon copy cloner, and files that you might have accidentally deleted. CCC's read-only snapshots also cloner you excellent protection against malware and ransomware, carbon copy cloner.

CCC copies are compatible carbon Migration Assistant too, carbon copy cloner, so you can use them to migrate data to a new Mac. Beyond those carbon basics, CCC copies extensive auditing and verification. Have you ever wondered what all of that disk activity was?

Cloner some application run amok?

carbon copy cloner

The list cloner files that change in each backup event give you unprecedented insight into what's changing on your Mac each copy. Need to carbon the entire content of one volume to another?

We can do that in just a few clicks, carbon copy cloner, carbon copy cloner. But suppose you're planning to erase the source cloner you're done migrating data to a new disk? We all trust our copy, but maybe not that much!

That's just a peek at what CCC can. Fixed an issue in which CCC was failing to delete items that were locked on the destination. Addressed a performance issue in a preflight carbon that was leading to some carbon copies that a subtask had timed. Added longer timeouts when cloner really large cloud-only files, carbon copy cloner. Fixed some minor cosmetic clipping issue e.❷

carbon copy cloner