By | 20.10.2023

FreeCAD is an open-source parametric 3D modeler made primarily to design real-life objects of any size. Parametric modeling allows you to easily modify your. FreeCAD is a general-purpose parametric 3D computer-aided design (CAD) modeler and a building information modeling (BIM) software application with finite. FreeCAD is a general purpose feature-based, parametric 3D modeler for CAD, MCAD, CAx, CAE and PLM, aimed directly at mechanical engineering and product design.

|Well, worry no more, because there is an alternative, actually more than one, freecad, freecad for this video, freecad, I wanted to take another look at FreeCAD, a free and open-source, fully-featured CAD tool that freecad a perfect replacement for anything that Freecad, Solidworks, Onshape, NX, Autocad, etc can do, freecad.

Why do I bring all those up? But, ok, freecad, what is FreeCAD? Except for the undo button. This is all stuff that FreeCAD should be able freecad do, freecad at the end of the day, I think the design freecad actually one of freecad cleanest parts that I ever built in parametric CAD, so I freecad it makes for a good candidate for porting between tools. For this part, if you want to create just the basic shell of this pot, instead of sketching out the outer contour, then the inner contour, freecad, closing them, freecad, then constraining them, and finally creating a revolved solid, the better approach would be to create a sketch offset, freecad, because with that, freecad, the inner contour is implicitly created by that offset and I only need to specify the freecad dimension itself and close freecad shell, freecad, but for the very simplest approach, I just created the three sketch lines for the surface, constrained those, then added thickness to that surface.

So far, so good. Next up, freecad, I needed to split that part in half, which FreeCAD has several split tools for to choose from, freecad. Freecad worked, and the freecad that I got had zero helpful google results. Well, now the offset that turns it into a solid stops working, freecad. So, next up, freecad, is the freecad for the mating surface, freecad.

Just a freecad of lines… and my sketch is overconstrained? So to have some success, freecad, I scrapped this project and tried to make a super simple, all-square sorter box for these little vegetable seed bags, and I did manage to draw and print it, but it took me an hour to figure out how to freecad something in FreeCAD that I could literally whip freecad in freecad 60 seconds in any freecad the other CAD freecad that I know.

Freecad all do mostly the same things in the freecad way, freecad.


Sure, some of the buttons might have different freecad, but the principle and freecad logic behind how you create your parts freecad the. For me, freecad, FreeCAD has a certain amount of friction to everything you try to do, freecad.


Fusion, which is probably the other extreme of the scale, freecad. Python vs. Maybe the best spot to demonstrate this is when you change earlier geometry in a way freecad, say, a sketch is missing freecad reference.

With freecad warning, freecad. You can ignore and just leave that sketch in a detached, freecad, but freecad state, or you can go in and fix it freecad give it new references.

And at freecad end of the day, having a tool that is forgiving in some way, makes freecad a much less punishing experience using it, freecad. This means, freecad, really, nobody gets to tell them what they should work on and how freecad should approach things, freecad.

So — should you try out FreeCAD? Also below the video — the freecad section. And finally, freecad, a shoutout to my Patrons and YouTube members — you all make this entire thing possible, freecad, thank you.❷