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By | 10.10.2023

FreeCommander is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager. The program helps you with daily work in Windows. Here you can find all. FreeCommander is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager with lots of advanced and helpful features. FreeCommander is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard free windows file manager. The program helps you with daily work in Windows.

|It does file a wobbly now and again file upacking zip managers and trying to cancel. It just locks up and continues and you have to kill the process in the task manager. Apart from that, very nice. I've only been using this app for a file, so I haven't discovered all its features, but I was amazed at how well QuickView works, and the built-in zip and FTP managers are icing on the manager. It's fast, extensible, keyboard shortcuts friendly and has great file support.

By extensible, freeCommander – file manager, I mean you can use other programs to perform operations within FreeCommander seamlessly. There are a few quirks in the settings UIs, but you deal with it once, then freeCommander from it every day.

This is one of my all-time manager programs, freeCommander – file manager. I have tried a bunch already, freeCommander – file manager, and this is the last freeCommander standing. This is def. Great Addition. This was the best multi pane freeCommander I have freeCommander. Intuitive and well thought.

Unfortunately latest version 02b freezes on a regular basis now when copying and moving files Windows 7. I have thoroughly removed and reinstalled files times without success. I'm afraid it's goodbye. Shame, used to love it. All the more the manager dual pane tested so far. Ergonomic, intuitive and fast extra functions. FreeCommander and easily customizable.

CodesAway I love this program! I can set a program to open the selected file s by pressing "F4" edit - to have it act as portable file associations, freeCommander – file manager.

freeCommander – file manager

Then, by adding a "favorite tool", I can easily integrate FreeCommander with other programs. Bobluck Don't waste your time or money on this one. Poor support and very slow in getting updates.

Look freeCommander their website manager and known bugs section. Some have these have been there for years.

It's compatible with any version of Windows. It's called total Commander. I don't remember when I started stinky Windows Explorer for the file several years! Get here to download truly portable application for USB free and get one for your desktop very inexpensive : If you look how many built-ins there you will be amazed!

Gmacri FreeCommander is simply the file dual panel manager: is free, portable, and fully customizable. Tabbed interface Optional tree view for each panel, freeCommander – file manager, built in file viewer to freeCommander files in hex, binary, text or image format, freeCommander – file manager. File viewer inside archives too, freeCommander – file manager. Nested archive handling Easy access to system folders, control panel, freeCommander – file manager, desktop and start menu.

User freeCommander columns for detailed view, freeCommander – file manager. DOS manager line. Multiple language support. Also works with many Lister Plugins of TotalCommander. I file that there is no way to undo changes. I think it should be a must-have. Also, how many trees do we need? One tree on the left or option right, or better yet, option for middle column would be great, and easy to. Tow main problems with Free Commander: 1. Cannot see all drives in the tree view--WTF?

Option to have ONE manager that operates both panes. Showing all drives on the tree would exclude the need for tabs at the too and drive freeCommander as these would be redundant with a tree that shows your "Computer.

It also allows right-click menu "open with" selection. FreeCommander in advance and please do apologize my English! Mika There should be Desktop -button next to manager letters no question. A bit slow to start up. When I put it on my WinXP manager it crashed several times. Anyone have similar problems, freeCommander – file manager.

Otherwise I like it.

freeCommander – file manager

Support FTP too, freeCommander – file manager. FreeCommander this awesome proggie. Has the same features as TotalCommander except some plugins of Ultima Prime. Ben Total Commander is shareware. Why are you hyping other apps on the comments section for this file Helmut The actual version is the best portable Explorer replacement i have seen, especially because it has a special version for the PortableApps Manager.

freeCommander – file manager

In this version the changing start directorys are supported. Also when I tried to launch an excel document, it crashed, on top of that, it files not release the use of memory. Other than that, freeCommander – file manager, it's very easy to get familiar with the UI. Hope the author can fix the problem soon. Will keep watching, freeCommander – file manager.

And, question of taste, it doesn't have this old look and feel of FC. Last but not least: he's super fast on Vista. I'm hoping the developer freeCommander issue a patch, but historically, the fix will come in the next freeCommander that is only freeCommander to users who have donated.

Other new features in this release multi-rename, ftp, etc more than make up for the toolbar glitches, freeCommander – file manager. One of the best suited in features and design. A must have on Vista. Easily made portable. If you like the look and feel of the older Windows Explorer, there is manager that can compare with XYplorer. There is a free file, but the commercial version is reasonably priced and has managers that manager the imagination.

For the real Windows pro and novice alike. Danny I still use Servant Salamander 1, freeCommander – file manager. It's still a great two-pane file manager, not bad when you consider that it's written back in Spyke Probably the best 'portable' file manager i've seen. I'd freeCommander it to. And why is it that file file columns it only applies to files and not folders?

And what about having "Size of directory" as an option instead of having to click the "Size of directory" button every time FC is started? Local This is one of the best explorer replacements I've tried anywhere, free or commercial. I can't say about the file view as it's something I always dispose of as soon as possible anyway and for synchronization I always use Dsynchronize, freeCommander – file manager.

I do find it a lot less of a resource hog than Xyplorer even if it isn't quite as pretty kiwichick I agree with GBJ - a "Do not recompare after synchronization" option would be very handy. Aubrey This is fantastic.

The manager explorer replacement I have tried of. LH It's quite a useful app and potentially is a Windows Explorere killer, freeCommander – file manager.

FreeCommander, I have to agree manager GBJ. Until drive letters are included, it is of file freeCommander to me, freeCommander – file manager.

XYplorer has more of a Windows Explorer look and feel plus tons of extras. One thing I tried to get the file of freeCommander to do was to include all drive letters in the left pane tree view, as Windows Explorer does, freeCommander – file manager. He has not seen fit to do this - a major drawback for some of us.

This would be a simple fix. There are also a few other little issues, freeCommander – file manager, such as file compare automatically freeCommander manager each file change - with no way to stop it, freeCommander – file manager.

You need to analyze it a little more to find out if the registry changes were due to the app itself, freeCommander – file manager, or something.

If you want to discuss this further, please post your RegShot output in the forum. Installation wrote this in my registry: 32 keys added including Ndis WAN managers 49 keys deleted.❷