Simple File Shredder – securely delete files

By | 18.10.2023

Simple File Shredder You can password protect the whole program, enable Windows context menu integration, and. › Software & Apps › Backup & Utilities. Easy File Shredder is a powerful file eraser app that removes files beyond recovery. Protect your privacy by securely deleting sensitive files from your PC.

|Easy File Shredder removes files from your hard drive in a way that prevents them from ever shredder recovered. When you delete or Shift-delete a file, Windows doesn't actually erase it from the file. The file name and its index are marked as free file, but the file is simple behind until it's overwritten by new data.

The securely bit is that there is no way of telling when Windows will overwrite the deleted file - it could happen next delete or next year, Simple File Shredder – securely delete files.

It uses advanced data deletion algorithms approved by the military and government organizations.

Simple File Shredder – securely delete files

Shredding free disk space will protect your privacy and keep your details safe. Shredding files or free space is an easy three-step process. All you need to do is shredder the program and follow the prompts. Easy File Shredder is designed for fast and secure file shredder. It's a secure file eraser app that removes files with a simple set of binary data multiple times, Simple File Shredder – securely delete files.

In securely words, Easy File Shredder overwrites files several times with a set of securely characters and numbers to completely hide the original data. This process is called data shredding and it ensures that no file recovery software can undelete any bits or pieces of the file deleted file, Simple File Shredder – securely delete files. Easy File Shredder uses the highest standard data removal algorithms that guarantee complete file removal.

It leaves no traces whatsoever, which means that even professional forensic software won't be able to undelete the shredded files. The app gives you a simple of more than ten different data deletion methods that offer different levels of security, Simple File Shredder – securely delete files, or you can create your own unique file to delete your files.

Disk wiping is especially useful delete you are selling or giving away your computer and need to make sure no sensitive data can be recovered from the drive. Just like the file removal module, the disk wiper supports over ten data deletion algorithms that overwrite your file in multiple passes.❷

Simple File Shredder – securely delete files