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By | 01.11.2023

Open computers and software inventory is an asset management solution. It is an open source software. It allows you to scan and inventory all your devices in. Open Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation is free software that enables users to inventory IT assets. OCS-NG collects information about the hardware and software of networked machines running the OCS client program. OCS can visualize. Sytem, OCS Inventory Agent, OCS Inventory Server. Windows Vista et +. Mac OS. Linux. Android. Icon. Compatibility matrix. 1 file(s) KB. Download.

|About OCS inventory Open computers and software inventory is an asset management solution, ocs inventory. It is an open source software. It allows you to scan ocs inventory all your devices in ocs IT Department. Once you inventory inventory about your machines, ocs inventory, on hardware and software sides, you can ocs packages to keep your environment safe.

Many plugins are available and give high flexibility to ocs OCS Inventory to your own. FactorFX is the main contributor and daily edit the software, ocs inventory.

This french society guides inventories in integrating and supporting OCS Inventory, ocs inventory. OCS Inventory queries its agents to know the inventory and hard composition of each machine, each server.

ocs inventory

OCS Inventory also queries the network to discover the ocs elements that cannot receive an inventory. Since version 2, ocs inventory.

ocs inventory

The main purpose of this integration is to inventory the inventories collected by ipdiscover. Ocs SNMP scans will allow you to insert ocs lot of information about your network hardware: printers, switches, ocs inventory, computers which do not have an OCS agent installed.

ocs inventory

The inventory deployment OCS Inventory includes the package deployment feature, in order not to control, ocs inventory, but to ensure uniformity of the software environments present on the network, ocs inventory. OCS is used as a deployment tool ocs parks with more than machines.❷