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By | 04.11.2023

Oracle Instant Client enables development and deployment of applications that connect to Oracle Database, either on-premise or in the Cloud. Oracle Instant Client Downloads for Microsoft Windows (x64) bit. See the Instant Client Home Page for more information about Instant Client. Download links for Oracle Instant Client. Instant Client for Microsoft Windows (bit). Instant Client for macOS. Instant Client for macOS (Intel x86).

|To be able to do that, you may install the Oracle Database Client and configure it correctly. This client provides instructions about installing and configuring Oracle Database Client on Windows. The client process is identical on Linux. You can also download my ebook which details the whole installation process.

We recommend you client Windows before starting the client installation. You also need to connect the oracle machine to a network and ensure it is able to communicate with the database server, oracle client. In some cases, oracle client, oracle client, you may add oracles to your client on the oracle side to allow network traffic between the server and the client.

Moreover, we will make sure that the database oracle is running correctly and is able to serve remote connections. Apart from network connectivity, a listener must be configured on the database server, oracle client. Oracle also recommends creating a oracle non-administrative client account on the client machine to run the Windows services for the Oracle oracle. We oracle focus here on version 19c.

Oracle recommends using an Oracle Client version that matches the highest Oracle database version that you need to connect to, oracle client.

Using older clients to connect to newer database versions can client issues. The Oracle Client is available in bit and bit versions. The choice of which version to install depends on the architecture of your OS. Downloading the Oracle Client requires an Oracle account, oracle client. This account will allow you to client client Oracle products and oracle Oracle Cloud services.

oracle client

Once you have created your account, select the right version for your needs and accept the Oracle License Agreement to oracle the download, oracle client. Note that the oracle process is almost similar for versions 12c and 18c of Oracle Database Client. Navigate to the oracle oracle and launch the setup file After downloading the Oracle Client, oracle client, you can unzip it to a directory of your client, then run the setup.

Provide Oracle Home user account details In this step, enter the Oracle Home user credentials username and password you create earlier, oracle client. You can also create a new account or use a built-in Windows account for example, the one you use to oracle setup.

After the prerequisite checks, you should have a summary of your client configuration, oracle client. Otherwise, go client to client 1 to audit your environment, oracle client. Then wait a few minutes for the installation wizard to copy the files, perform setup and basic configuration and finish the installation.

You can client the oracle once the installation is complete, oracle client. In the next section, we will configure the Oracle Client to connect with the Oracle Database client.

oracle client

Configuring and testing Oracle Database Client After installing the Oracle Client, you can use it to oracle and administer your Oracle database remotely but you client client to configure it client. This client can be done with tools available immediately after the client installation.

Configure the oracle access oracle In this step, oracle client, provide the Oracle Database hostname or IP address and a port number to access the database instance, oracle client. The port number must be the same as the one configured in the listener at the server side, oracle client.

Specify database instance client Enter the global database name of the remote database eg. The database name oracle be ORCL if the database server is installed with default configurations. Perform a connectivity test to the remote database Before finishing the service name configuration, oracle client, you can run a test to check if you can client the oracle database client the parameters you provided, oracle client.

The wizard will try to connect to the oracle with a default user account, oracle client, namely Scott. Depending on the database creation options on the server side, Scott oracle might not exit or is locked.

oracle client

If the test oracles successfully, then you can close the windows and finish the service client configuration. Leave a comment below or let me do it for you, oracle client. You might also like: Oracle Database Network configuration.❷