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SAP offers a single user interface to perform modeling, analysis, design, and reporting. The customizable SAP interface allows users to define window. SAP is general-purpose civil-engineering software ideal for the analysis and design of any type of structural system. SAP CSiBridge. ETABS. SAFE. Perform 3D. CSiPlant. CSiCol. CSiXRevit. CSiXCAD. Sales · Support · Developer · News · Contact · Go to Customer Center.

sap2000 types of load patterns are sap2000, meaning that they actually represent many separate sap2000 loading patterns applied in sequence. These include the vehicle, sap2000, live, and wave types of load patterns, sap2000.

This linear type sap2000 analysis uses response-spectrum ground-acceleration records based on the seismic load and site conditions, sap2000, rather than time-history ground motion records.


This method is sap2000 efficient and takes sap2000 account the dynamical behavior of the structure. REVIEWED Time History Time-history analysis captures the step-by-step response of structures to seismic ground motion and other types of loading such as blast, machinery, sap2000, wind, waves, etc, sap2000. Sap2000 can use modal superposition or sap2000 methods, and both can be linear or nonlinear, sap2000, sap2000, sap2000.

REVIEWED Powerful Nonlinear Analysis tools associated with either geometric or material response Nonlinear analysis methods are best applied when sap2000 geometric or material nonlinearity is considered during structural modeling and analysis, sap2000.


Stiffness and response are evaluated sap2000 each increment, sap2000. Because nonlinear-static buckling sap2000 considers material nonlinearity while generating buckling response, results are sap2000 more realistic than those of linear buckling analysis, sap2000. The direct-integration method is even more general, and sap2000 handle sap2000 deformations and other highly nonlinear behavior, sap2000.

Nonlinear time-history analyses can be chained sap2000 with other nonlinear cases including staged construction addressing a wide range of applications. A single P-delta analysis under gravity and sustained sap2000 can be used to modify the stiffness sap2000 linear load cases, sap2000 can later be superposed, sap2000, sap2000.

Alternatively, each combination of loads can be analyzed for full nonlinear P-delta effects, sap2000. P-delta effects are included for all elements and are seamlessly integrated into analysis and sap2000. REVIEWED Quickly Define Staged Construction load cases where you can add or remove portions of the structure Staged construction is a type of nonlinear analysis in SAP that is allows you to define a sequence of stages sap2000 you can add or remove portions of the structure, sap2000, selectively apply load to portions of the structure, sap2000, and sap2000 consider time-dependent material behavior such as sap2000, creep, and shrinkage.

REVIEWED Staged Construction Stages Staged construction is variously known as incremental construction, sequential construction, sap2000, or segmental construction which can be used to add, remove sap2000 age various portions of a structure.❷