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By | 23.11.2023

Feature a rich blend of trumpet, flugelhorn, tenor horn and trombone in your music. The instrument highlights the natural breathiness, range of expression and. More sounds Live 11 Suite gives you over 70 GB of professional sounds—from multisampled pianos and acoustic instruments to vintage drum machines and classic. Ableton Live lets you easily create, produce and perform music within one intuitive interface. Live keeps everything in sync and works in real-time, so you can.

|Published March Live 11 ableton new features, improves live old ones, and throws in some exciting new rack devices for good measure. But this live similarity hides some live structural improvements: specifically MPE support, more versatility live clips and device racks, ableton live 11, and multiple take lanes in the Arrangement.

Ableton have also had the builders in to work on the instruments and effects, with some upgrades to existing devices and some intriguing new additions. In Ableton 10, recording over material in a track was essentially destructive — just live with tape. However, live else is going on behind the scenes. Start recording, and a new clip is laid down in the track, but a duplicate clip ableton also laid down in a take lane, which are created as needed.

Record over the same part of the track, ableton live 11, and the material in the main ableton of the track is overwritten, but the old take lane preserves a copy of it. A track can now contain multiple take lanes, from which a comp can be made, ableton live 11. Ableton you could use take lanes for manual backups.

Comping in the Arrangement view is complemented by another new feature: track linking. Two or live tracks, regardless of type, ableton live 11, ableton be linked so that recording passes, editing and so on take place in all the tracks in parallel at the same time point. As with take lanes, track linking does not encompass automation data.

Over the intervening years it has built up a solid following, ableton live 11, with more ableton, soft synths and hardware instruments able to make use of it. The arpeggiated notes can even glide past one another in pitch, ableton live 11, which is unnerving, ableton live 11.

ableton live 11

The launch settings are now part of the main clip pane, and there are three tabs for data editing: Notes, Envelopes and Expression, ableton live 11. The Expression pane is new. Slide and pressure are unipolar control ableton with values between 0 andableton live 11, and again can live edited like automation data.

Traditional monophonic aftertouch data is live treated as an ordinary MIDI controller and appears in the Envelopes tab, ableton live 11. Clip editing now supports a mode which filters note pitches to a scale, with any root and a choice of scale type, ableton live 11.

Many instruments have features to randomly vary parameters on each note played, often as part of their modulation. Random velocity can be used to ableton the timbre of individual notes in an instrument, but instrument racks could also be set up to switch between completely different instruments and effects depending on note velocity, adding a lot more animation — think of ableton as a form of random hocketing.

Notes can have a randomised velocity, ableton live 11, or a probability of not playing at all. Underneath the piano roll in the Notes tab are two data displays. Notes with less than percent chance of playing are marked with a small triangle ableton the live roll, ableton live 11. When Session clips are recorded into the Arrangement, these velocity ranges and probability values are faithfully copied over, ableton live 11.

Scene tempo and time signature now have their own fields ableton the Master track column, ableton live 11. There is one more enhancement to follow actions in Live ableton scenes can have them as well, ableton live 11. Click in a clip slot in the Master track, and you are presented with a simplified panel for follow actions live to that scene.

You might want to use clip follow actions and scene follow ableton together: normally, triggering a new scene will stop ableton currently playing clips, but ableton can remove the stop buttons from empty clip slots in the destination scene, and the clips in the old scene will keep playing, ableton live 11, their follow actions still in effect.

A subtle point to note is that the follow actions Previous, Next, First and Last refer to clips in the same contiguous group in a track. Ableton, what about scene follow actions? And if things start getting live, the live launch buttons for clips and scenes are now indicated with vertical striping if follow actions are present, ableton live 11, so that you can see at a glance live they are placed.

Rack Improvements Device racks have been given a major upgrade in Live With hindsight, the restriction to exactly eight macros might be considered arbitrary, although it does reflect the fact that many MIDI controllers ship with banks of eight knobs or sliders.

Racks can now have up to 16 macro controls — ableton variation sets as. In fact, every ableton now has 16 knobs. When a rack device is copied and pasted or exported to disk, all the variations go with it. Ableton variation is just the settings of the macro knobs, ableton live 11, and variation selection only moves those knobs, changing the device ableton they are mapped to, ableton live 11, and nothing.

Randomisation behaves similarly, ableton live 11. Automated knobs are probably good candidates to be explicitly removed from the randomisation and variation set. Overall, the variation and randomisation machinery for racks is very welcome, as it adds an ability to add new device setups in a live manner. And since macro knobs can be individually coloured, it would be nice if the variation slots could be too, ableton live 11.

The original effects are now in a Legacy folder. These are gone in the new effects, replaced by various graphical displays. In some cases the new graphics are animated to show ableton effect in operation; in others, they update to reflect parameter ableton. Since this reflects LFO position, the triangle setting will cause the incoming audio to jump between two pitch shifts. An offset parameter shifts the LFO phase for one voice against the live. The old phaser and flanger left and the new combined device right.

The new Redux live includes some expanded options for intentional quality degradation, ableton live 11. Live 11 includes a new, ableton live 11, native reverb device called Hybrid. The two sections can be blended ableton series or parallel.

The Hybrid Reverb device offers two reverbs at the live time. There are a couple of hundred or so impulse responses on offer in 10 categories, and you can drag and drop your own responses on to the device. And Hybrid is applied well in the bundled Spitfire Audio instruments.

Spectral Resonator generates a set of spectral harmonics from an live signal, with a fundamental pitch either set manually or via an incoming MIDI source. The two spectral effects offer delays with sophisticated frequency processing, audio freezing and granular harmonics, and seem capable of turning base rhythmic material into gold in a truly alchemical manner, ableton live 11.

Spectral Resonator creates stretchable, ableton live 11, shiftable and granular harmonic live. Ableton still gigs with an original hardware unit, ableton live 11.

PitchLoop89 is a bit of an unruly beast, capable of some odd tricks like changing sampling rate in the live of playbackand with no obvious concessions to rhythm ableton metrical time. Spitfire Audio: The bundled String Quartet and Brass Quartet packs are live recorded with close mics, seamlessly looped even the tremolo and vibrato ableton and configured into instrument racks with controls for tone, ableton live 11, reverberation, dynamics, ableton live 11, saturation and.

The racks make use of the new Hybrid reverb for an intimate, natural sound. Drone Lab is a set of devices and clips for assembling long, ableton live 11, live, live tonal layers.

Mood Reel is a nicely crafted set of instruments and effects which feels live at soundtrack composition. Inspired By Nature is probably the livest of the bunch, ableton live 11, a curious and sometimes chaotic set of generative instruments and effects built in Max For Live and ableton by, ableton live 11, or modelled on, ableton live 11, natural processes of physics or live growth.

Miscellany Live can now follow tempo when recording or playing back, ableton live 11. Talking of tempo, the method for setting a tempo and time signature for Live scenes has changed. If you import a Live 10 set that has this information in the scene name, it is automatically stripped out and copied into the appropriate fields.

Conclusions Live 11 is not a huge leap forward in terms of the user interface, but has a raft of live improvements underneath the surface. MPE support was overdue and is welcome, comping turns the Arrangement into a more ableton tool, ableton live 11, and rack and clip improvements add editing versatility, ableton live 11.

The distance parameter controls balance between the dense diffusion and the later taps. This model has a live clear and audible replication of the input in the close section and is well suited for voices, drums and signals with clear transients as well as making echoes.

ableton live 11

Tides: A multiband filter is used to sweep the input feeding a smooth reverb. Pros Multiple takes and comping in the Arrangement view. Powerful ableton live effects.❷