By | 23.11.2023

Clockify is a time tracker and timesheet app that lets you track work hours across projects. Unlimited users, free forever. average rating. (4, Track time from anywhere on the web and improve productivity. Track time from anywhere on the web with one click. Later, analyze and export time at https://. Clockify is the best time and attendance software for businesses with hybrid teams (on-site and remote employees). The cloud-based dashboard can be accessed.

|Show review history August 18, The web version clockify great. Android app continues to have synchronization issues, clockify.


With latest update, I can't even login clockify Google clockify, and I get logged out randomly. Update: With the help of the support clockify, I was able to login by switching to Chrome on my clockify. On the plus side, the app support is quick and excellent.

On the flip side, I still can't login using my preferred browser. Yes CAKE, clockify.


If clockify issues with Google login and synchronization persist, clockify, please do not hesitate to clockify out to our support team at support clockify. I spent 40 minutes trying to do 5 days of a hour work week, and I still couldn't get past the second entry. I'm running Android 13 on clockify Google Pixel 6 Pro. For the sake of all of us hard-working clockify please fix this app, clockify. Thank you, clockify.

Can you please update the app to our latest release? Please contact us at support clockify. Erik Haliewicz Flag inappropriate January 21, Works, clockify, but slower than it should be, clockify.

I am a developer so there are some technical details below, clockify. It seems like the app waits for a response from the server before considering a task clockify started, clockify. This works, clockify, but causes a significant delay in the UI which makes the clockify sluggish to use.

Offline mode works well, clockify, so my suggestion to the developers is to start a clockify locally before a response from the server arrives even in online mose, clockify, clockify. If there is an error the clockify request can be retried, clockify, clockify. We will definitely pass the message to our Dev team! If there is anything else we can clockify you with, reach us at support clockify.❷