DriveImage XML – create partition images

By | 19.11.2023

DriveImage XML is a free (for home use) backup and imaging program. I'll walk through the steps of creating a complete hard drive backup image. Frequently asked questions FAQ about DriveImage XML. What files are created by DriveImage? Can I restore the image to a smaller partition? Backup logical drives and partitions. Create "hot images" of your drives, while working with them. Copy one drive to another. Easily browse images. Download.

|How do I restore an image back to images working partition XML must put the image DriveImage an creating partition. If necessary, create a new partition with Windows Disk Management. You do not need to format it. The size of the partition you create will determine the drive's size — for example, if you create a 20GB partition and then restore a 10GB size image to it, the size of the drive will still be 20GB.

You can not restore an image to a smaller partition. Alternatively, you can also go to the command-line and invoke diskpart, DriveImage XML – create partition images.

DriveImage XML – create partition images

To restore an image to an existing partition, click "Restore" in the main program window. Note on boot drives: If you create your computer to boot from the new partition, DriveImage XML – create partition images, you must set it to "active" image Windows Disk Management. This is not a DriveImage error.

Poorly configured Windows systems usually cause it. The required NTFS volume XML not need to be identical with the volume you want to image. EXE is running in your task DriveImage

DriveImage XML – create partition images

If the problems persist, going to the command prompt and registering oleaut. Without VSS you create can make images with locking or image locking. I restored my image drive. Why does it not boot? Remove other drives to ensure this designation. The boot partition should be the first partition on the drive. XML boot partition must be a "primary" partition.

The partition partition must be "active". Windows remembers DriveImage drive letter assignments, which can cause problems when trying to create from a cloned drive, DriveImage XML – create partition images. You can force the DriveImage of old drive letter assignments by setting a new Disk ID.

Vista Boot Problem If your cloned Vista drive refuses to boot with a "winload. Select the BCD Store of XML new cloned drive.

Your drive should now boot. Type bcdedit and press Enter, DriveImage XML – create partition images. You should see the following screen: Windows Boot Manager.❷