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QCAD is a free, open source application for computer aided drafting (CAD) in two dimensions (2D). With QCAD you can create technical drawings such as plans. QCAD is a computer-aided design software application for 2D design and drafting. It is available for Linux, Apple macOS, Unix and Microsoft Windows. The QCAD GUI is based on the Qt framework. QCAD is partly released under the GNU General Public. QCAD is a 2D CAD solution for Windows, macOS and Linux. Its core is developed in C++, based on the Qt tool kit. QCAD can be extended through a C++ plugin.

|Common Commands Qcad of qcad biggest learning curves qcad any CAD program is the keyboard shortcuts and commands. These change from software to software, qcad, qcad, but utilizing them in your own work can help speed up your design process by a significant margin.

In that case, qcad, you can use the aligned dimension tool DA to confirm if the overall size of your part is measuring correctly, qcad.

Use this to manually select and delete stray paths or other unwanted entities. Offset qcad Distance is a Modification Tool that is useful for showing dimensions, qcad, qcad, qcad. Qcad tool will create qcad polyline or line segment that is offset the distance entered in the field. Here, qcad, the value of 0.

If you click the cursor, qcad, qcad, the polyline will be set in that location, qcad. Qcad Offset with Distance tool can be used to show the full qcad width qcad our tooling. In the example below, qcad, qcad, the full die width for the material is 0, qcad, qcad. The distance input into the offset tool is 0, qcad.

Then the offset qcad is used to bounce a demarcation line off of the dashed bend location line, qcad, qcad. Qcad location lines should always indicate the center of each bend. We can see that the cut features highlighted in yellow will qcad distorted when qcad part is bent, qcad. We do not have cosmetic protection within our die line for bending, qcad, qcad cut features along and within there can be affected and warp.

You will need to keep all cut features outside of the full die width to avoid distortion. You can qcad the Offset tool to check if your cut features will be distorted. If you do not object to distortion, qcad, you can leave an order note confirming this, qcad, which will help your order proceed to production smoothly, qcad. We need all qcad lines to have a parallel edge for our tooling to gauge against so that the operation can be completed successfully.

When you are using the Angular Dimension DN tool and measuring two parallel paths, the tool usually does not display a measurement like 0 degrees. If the tool displays no measurement, it qcad the paths are qcad.


You can double check that the tool is working correctly by measuring two paths that are not parallel and confirming that it is measuring as it should be. You can also use the cursor Qcad to select the path you qcad to confirm is parallel to another, and check the angle of the path in the Property Editor GP, qcad. Then deselect qcad path and select the other path to check its angle.

Therefore, qcad, qcad, designs should ideally have no more anchor points than needed to cut the design. This is typical node density for a design of this complexity and size: This is above average node density for qcad design of this complexity and size, qcad, and would compromise cut quality, qcad, qcad.

We recommend exporting a cleaner file qcad the native design program qcad simplified paths and fewer nodes, qcad. This is abnormal node density for any design, qcad would result in poor cut quality. We will automatically reject and send back files that contain qcad many nodes like this one because they cannot be processed correctly for machining, qcad. QCAD qcad simplification tools for spline and polyline entities qcad help with high node counts, qcad, but they may not fix all the issues in your design: OS: Simplify Polyline NP: Simplify Spline While a clean vector file exported from your native design program is qcad, if a simplified export is qcad possible, qcad, qcad, you may want to try redrawing the circles and arcs in your design in QCAD and deleting qcad areas once the new geometry is traced over it.

First, qcad, select all geometry with the TA command, qcad. Select the Points and move them onto a sacrificial layer.

If you hide the layer, the points are hidden. Delete the layer, qcad. Your drawing is now free of random stray points! Duplicate Entities XP: Explode This command converts selected block references, polylines, qcad, splines, ellipses, qcad, texts, qcad and hatches into more basic entities.

You may need to use the Explode XP qcad multiple times in qcad to qcad all duplicates and zero length entities, and even then the tools may qcad catch qcad all. Removing Duplicate Paths Duplicate paths qcad often the result of a surface being projected more than qcad during the file export process. You can see duplicate paths by uploading the file to the qcad quote tool and clicking the preview image, qcad, qcad.

The preview will show a thickened line where duplicate paths exist, qcad. Blocks Blocks are essentially locked groups of paths within a drawing that need qcad be specifically opened to be changed.

Qcad tend to hinder most commands, qcad. You can easily get rid of blocks by selecting them and hitting XP, qcad, and then all geometry in the block will be released and you can proceed to preflight your file, qcad.

Sometimes you will need to explode block areas multiple times to unlock any groups within groups, qcad, qcad, qcad. After exploding blocks, qcad, you will need to use the Purge Unused Blocks command BP to avoid trouble uploading your file later. If your design is shown in a perspective view, it needs to be exported again so that qcad the flat 2D face of the part is showing, qcad. We have export tips here, qcad.

If there are, qcad, move them to a sacrificial layer and delete the layer, qcad, qcad.


All shapes qcad been united, qcad, combined or merged Use OC to unite shapes into polylines if needed For bent parts, qcad, flanges meet the minimum length qcad bending in the material per the individual material info pages Use the DA qcad to qcad flange length Qcad note: we need the minimum flange length to be qcad on both sides qcad the bend to avoid inaccuracy or part failure during the operation For bent parts, qcad, qcad, cut features that fall within the die line of qcad tooling will be affected and warp, qcad, qcad.

Use the OF command to see if cut features in your qcad will distort. Preflight Checklist Before you upload your design files, qcad, be sure to go through our pre-flight checklist: Qcad is a two-dimensional vector format file.

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