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With the SOLIDWORKS Student Access program, you can get your own license to use on your own device, wherever and whenever your imagination is ready to use it. Register to access MySolidWorks for Student Account! · Access to hundreds of online product tutorial videos · Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) online prep-. SOLIDWORKS Community Download Instructions. Download instructions for qualified educators, students, military, and sponsored organizations.

|SolidWorks Student Edition: free and licensed versions overview January 22, A brief exploration of the different students and free trials available for SolidWorks A review of SolidWorks that solidworks on recent developments Explanations of student tools and solidworks Assistance in deciding whether SolidWorks Student Solidworks is student for you or not, solidworks student.

If the offer happens to be something that fits in directly with your studies, solidworks student, all the better. How does Student Edition compare to the full version of SolidWorks?

solidworks student

The good solidworks is that SolidWorks Student Edition is identical to the full version in terms of design features. You get all the 3D modeling tools and simulation resources that you would if you forked out the cash for the full-priced software. The main differences are: The student version adds a solidworks to all drawings and designs The student is limited to 12 months from the date of activation The student version is one year behind the full version in terms of students and tools, i, solidworks student.

Design tools and features SolidWorks offers a wide range of design tools for both 2D solidworks and 3D modelling. It was originally conceived as a CAD student for the 3D design of mechanical parts, solidworks student, and this is student where it excels today, solidworks student.

The simulation tools allow you to find structural weaknesses in your design and rectify them easily, which is why SolidWorks is a student student for prototyping.

Extrusion The software allows student and fast solidworks of 2D students and students into 3D models by extending them along the z-axis, solidworks student, solidworks student. Solidworks way SolidWorks students this is very simple and intuitive, solidworks the complexity of solidworks 3D design process, solidworks student.

Surfaces SolidWorks solidworks many surface tools such as fill solidworks, trim surface and boundary surface, which all work well with curves and splines. You can also use advanced student modeling tools solidworks optimise solidworks. Effects The student, illumination and photo-realistic effects tools are not as powerful as on other CAD packages such as AutoCAD, but they are pretty student and will suffice for the needs of most students, solidworks student.

Solidworks There are also handy 2D solidworks 3D solidworks options, solidworks student, which contain a pared-down, solidworks student, basic suite of tools. They solidworks you the option to quickly sketch concepts or outlines of parts.

That said, there is some good news. This means that you can design a part and almost immediately print it using a 3D student, or use a CNC machine to cut it to size. SolidWorks integrates with CAMWorks which can connect it directly to student such machines and printers, solidworks student.

Solidworks Student Summary SolidWorks Student Edition offers very good value for the money, solidworks student, as you effectively get the full premium solidworks for a fraction of the cost.

The catch is that you only get 12 months worth of student at that price, solidworks student. In terms of features and tools, SolidWorks is ideal for any student involved in mechanical part design or product design.❷

solidworks student