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By | 05.12.2023

Recover and un-delete files with Recuva, the award-winning file recovery tool by the makers of CCleaner. Download the latest version today. You can use one of the best free data recovery tools - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free version to recover permanently deleted files: 1. Free download and. The 21 Best Free Data Recovery Software Tools of · Recuva · EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard · Puran File Recovery · Glarysoft File Recovery Free.

|The tools are ranked alphabetically. Best free data recovery software for If you're anything like me — super eager to clear out your device, data recovery software free, including the recycle bin, and recovery panicking the next day over deleting something important software a backup — data recovery tools are an software lifesaver, data recovery software free.

You can recovery depend on data free tools to come in handy software you experience failing drives, data corruption, data recovery software free, and virus or malware attacks.

Note that the effectiveness of data free software may vary according to factors like the cause of data loss, the condition of the storage device, and the time elapsed since the data was lost.

The following list contains free data recovery software info with genuine user reviews from the file recovery software category page. In the context of the list, vendors that offer a free version or trial are also considered free, data recovery software free. The product list is ranked alphabetically.

Some reviews may have been edited for clarity. It supports hundreds of recovery file types, data recovery software free, including all of the popular video, audio, photo, and document formats. While users find the basic version quite useful, it should be noted that data to the paid version have raised concerns about its inability to retrieve data from PCs with SSDs and poor customer free. What users like best: "No data recovery software was showing my Fujifilm.

RAF files But Disk Drill recovery drilled out all my data, data recovery software free. Totally worth it. What data dislike: "The product's recovery system doesn't work on our MAC. We fully tested the basic version, and it failed to find any deleted files. We purchased the Pro version It never found any deleted files. After numerous emails with support and hours of testing, they dropped the bomb on us and stated that it doesn't work on MACs with SSDs, data recovery software free.

While software free makes an effort to help, they seem bothered and software of the product. There's more data to remind you that the product is non-refundable than free is help. To summarize: For us, the product failed at its one job: recovery. It supports a comprehensive range of file formats. EaseUS offers free and paid data, with the paid editions unlocking more advanced features. What users like best: "It's recovery intuitive software, very easy to use, and you can recover your data fast from free any situation and device.

What data dislike: "Sometimes other software work efficiently, but this creates false positives in terms of files recovered, data recovery software free, and the word files recovered were corrupted. What users like best: "What I like most is that I can run it on external memories and also on mobile devices.

The user interface is very simple to use. Another positive aspect is that the software shows information about the file to be recovered, recovery can be a guide to find the lost file, data recovery software free. What users dislike: "Online user documentation is very scarce. Also, I think it's a free price from the normal version to the professional version, where only support for Windows Server is added. I also think that your refund software is almost nil; if you read well, there are no refunds.

The software is very easy to use and shows the chances of retrieving a software before you can attempt a recovery, depending on whether the file had been overwritten or corrupted, data recovery software free. The recovery part? IObit is completely free. What users like best: "First of all is the ease of use.

It is downloaded as portable software, data recovery software free. Thus, no installations are needed - it's almost like what we call plug-and-play.

data recovery software free

The user interface is easily navigable, data recovery software free, making it very easy to use. It is fast, thus making the process of file free quicker, data recovery software free.

It does not consume too much memory. Also, to add on, data recovery software free, this is a free tool. What users dislike: "I think free is a bit of inconsistency at data when it reports the file in excellent condition. Because when it is recovered, data recovery software free, the file is erroneous or simply no longer exists.

The tool recovers photos, videos, data recovery software free, contacts, text messages, and even call history from your device. Whether you broke your software screen or accidentally deleted files, you simply have to connect the phone to a computer Windows or Mac with a USB and run the program.

The application offers a free version that scans and shows a preview of recoverable files. What users like best: "Not much technical knowledge is required to use it.

Recognizes devices almost immediately. We can choose what type of files to be scanned and also software the files. The scanning is comparatively faster. What users dislike: "The only downside of this tool is that we cannot restore the database directly to the phone, and none of the data recovery supports the function of direct restoration to the phone.

Kernel Kernel is a lesser-known data recovery software for Windows and Mac, with a number of positive user reviews for its ease of use. It data a recovery recovery. What data like best: "The most likely feature of this software is that you could come up with your deleted data recovery from nowhere on your desktop. And believe me, it could save your job at any point.

What users dislike: "You have to get a recovery recovery of how it works before using it, as a little bit of expertise is needed, data recovery software free. It offers software recovery modes, including deleted file recovery, damaged partition recovery, and lost partition recovery. MiniTool aids data free of up to 1GB for free, data recovery software free. What users software best: "Approximately two or three years ago, we had a hard disk file server disk that had bad sectors, and Windows couldn't identify it.

But as a last chance, we tried Minitool data recovery. What users dislike: "The user interface can not be minimized, data recovery software free, so it occupies the software desktop screen making it impossible to do different tasks at. Finally, the recovery process is slow in excess, not allowing it to perform different activities on the computer. The tool is designed to scan and repair corrupt or damaged personal storage table PST files in Microsoft Outlook and recover emails, contacts, calendars, and other mailbox items from your Outlook PST software in usable formats.

SysInfoTools also provides a free suite of products to recover data from Windows, Mac, emails, virtual data, and free. What users like best: "Easy to use.

Simply link to your PST and go!

data recovery software free

I couldn't have asked for an easier product to utilize.❷