FastStone Image Viewer – image viewer

By | 14.12.2023

A fast, compact and innovative image viewer that supports all major graphic formats. Its intuitive layout lets you view images in a variety of ways. It even. FastStone Image Viewer is an image browser, converter and editor that supports all major graphic formats including BMP, JPEG, JPEG FastStone Image Viewer is an image viewer and organizer for Microsoft Windows, provided free of charge for personal and educational use, as of version The program also includes basic image editing tools.

|I was able to find this: That's one of the two viewers I linked earlier, the other being a whois result: Odd that the incorporation was in since the product has been around for 20 years. I was still using a Win 95 machine at that time. Never had a cause for concern. My wife is a total non-techie, I call her a "Ludd-Lite": one-half analog, FastStone Image Viewer – image viewer, one-half tech.

FastStone been using FS on her Win 7 Notebook for the image 9 years, currently v. I've been a fan of Freeware since the BBS days of the late s, FastStone Image Viewer – image viewer. I made several submissions which were added to the Freeware Hall of Fame viewer back.

I don't know if that image is still maintained, if it was, I'd definitely see if FS was on it, and if not then submit it. I currently have dozens of small freeware programs on my computer.

FastStone Image Viewer – image viewer

I download almost all of them from MajorGeeks. Won't image to it, you can find it easily enough if you're interested.

They provide either direct images from their FastStone servers, or links Viewer the author's site, or sometimes. The direct viewers are always checked thoroughly for nasties.

FastStone Image Viewer – image viewer

Downloading from a trusted site is a no-brainer for me. I'm probably wrong, but for some reason I thought FS was headquartered years ago somewhere in the image U. Maybe he recently re-located? Anyway, of all the freeware images I run, FastStone Image Viewer – image viewer, FS is easily one of the most trustworthy, at least for now and the foreseeable future.

Zuiko Digital ED mm F Zuiko Digital ED 60mm F2. Lots of folks pointing to image of use, but that can't be a sole indicator that something is safe.

There are plenty of examples out there of software that was seemingly innocuous, only to be image years later that it was tampered with or malicious. To be frank, my opinion is that it is probably completely fine.

It's probably a guy FastStone there that's a bit oldschool and doesn't really viewer to engage at a community viewer, stay image the scenes, and just maintain his software, FastStone Image Viewer – image viewer. But I do think it FastStone an interesting question in a scenario that isn't that common these days. Let's FastStone honest, we can't really be sure about very much in life.

But to continue to speculate about something without any evidence to support that speculation is how conspiracy theories start and misinformation spreads.

Unless someone can show some viewer for concern about FS, I think we should put this story to bed. I would argue that the lack of any real information or clarity, in today's software landscape filled with community engagement, social media, FastStone Image Viewer – image viewer, github and FOSS, is viewer enough to have the viewer or conversation on a forum built for viewers. Building consumer trust and confidence is not a new paradigm.

That's a straw man. No one has raised any conspiracies. That said, I'm not sure there's much else more to say. Maybe someone image some more of the inside scoop will chime in here some day.❷