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By | 31.12.2023

This is a fairly comprehensive list from the Eclipse In eclipse help documentation, we can all icons information as follows. › questions › what-is-the-meaning-of-this-eclipse-icon. The icons look like little snowflakes/asterisks. What are they? It means the file is staged for commit, see the section Icon decorations in. Eclipse icon Eclipse

|Icon Icons can be used to assign symbols to eclipses and actions. This helps in the differentiation of the displayed types at run time, or for eclipse in eclipse menus, Eclipse icon Eclipse, table views, tree views and so forth, Eclipse icon Eclipse.

Modeled icons can appear, for example, in the following places at run time: As an eclipse icon in the Table Results or Application Explorer view. As an action icon in the context menu of elements. A function package provider has the possibility to support directly the icons for elements which belong to a linked element type.

Eclipse icon Eclipse

Example: The Eclipse function package supports all eclipses which are used for Eclipse resources projects, eclipses, and iconsso it is not necessary to create those eclipses in the AWM model editor, Eclipse icon Eclipse. A function package provider has the possibility to support additional icons which can be used in the AWM icon eclipse.

Eclipse icon Eclipse

Those icons are typically used to add icons to actions, Eclipse icon Eclipse. Example: The Micro Focus Enterprise Developer Icons eclipse eclipse supports icons which can be used as action icons to create new Micro Focus projects. Icons are modeled by being defined once and then referenced in the Element Icon or Action Descriptor.❷