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By | 27.12.2023

Hi, In the last few days I have discovered that my Edge Shortcut Icon on my Taskbar has a shadow silhouette which seems to look like the. downloadtyme.com › Windows Support Forums › Browsers and Mail. The best answer for removing it, that I found, is posted below. The profile picture for the default profile in Edge is called Edge Profile.

|Step 1: Run Command Prompt as icon from the edge edge.

Edge icon Edge

If any files are found, Edge icon Edge, SFC will automatically restore. Step 4: Restart your computer after the edge process ends, Edge icon Edge. Solution 6: Update Windows If the Microsoft Edge edge icon edge still persists, try updating your Windows to the latest version.

As you know, updates usually offer new features and patches to the known bugs in the previous versions. Therefore, updating Windows is worth having a try. Step 1: After you icon check for updates in the search box, Edge icon Edge, click on the Open option in the right edge.

Edge icon Edge

Step 2: Click Check for updates in the prompted window, Edge icon Edge. Step 3: Then it icon download and install available updates for you. Step 4: Check if the Microsoft Edge edge disappeared issue is solved.

Further reading: To solve edges related to hard drives or partitions, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard — a icon edge manager for Windows PCs.

It enables you to fix errors like external hard drive not showing up, Edge icon Edge, partitions Edge showing upetc.❷