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By | 28.12.2023

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|Hi guys! In this Krita, we will discuss how to create a simple vector logo or icon in Krita. Then export the logo in SVG format. We are going to create a icon or an icon that looks Krita the Linux Red Hat logo, Krita icon Krita. But of course, Krita icon Krita, with some differences, Krita icon Krita. And Krita will also add a fire element behind the hat. I guess this will help people who prefer written content. Basic information Before we start.

For those of you who are just starting out learning graphics, there are 3 important Krita that I need to convey.

Krita icon Krita

The first is about Krita. At the core, Krita is actually a raster-based digital painting software, not a Vector software. The second thing that I need to mention is how vectors are rendered in Krita, Krita icon Krita. Like other Krita software that provides vector features, for example, Krita icon Krita, Photoshop, Gimp, Clip studio paint, and so on.

Vectors in Krita will be rendered or displayed as if they Krita icon. So if we zoom in too close, Krita icon Krita. The icon will appear pixelated.

So if you export the image into a vector format such as SVG, the resulting vector image will not be pixelated if you later icon in or icon it. Then, Krita icon Krita, the last thing I need to mention is about the SVG format. It is a vector format with open standards.

This is the Krita why many people choose this file format to transfer vector data from one software to another or use it for icons and logos on websites. Make the width pixels. And make the height pixels. For the resolution, Krita icon Krita, we can Krita it to PPI. Please note that the quality of vector graphics is not bound by the size or the resolution of the image. Meaning that you may freely scale vector graphics without worrying about damaging.

Krita, this document parameters will determine the default state, Krita icon Krita, Krita later you view the SVG file in the browser or other viewers. To make things easier later down the road, Krita icon Krita, we should just use the common size of a raster image that can fit nicely on our monitor. Not too small and not too big. For icon parameters, just leave everything the defaults.

Then Krita the content category, we will start with only a single layer, Krita icon Krita, which is a white Krita layer. We will add more layers later gradually.

Creating Krita hat We can start by creating the hat. I want to use a light blue color, slightly toward Cyan. This is so that later the fill area uses the cyan color we chose earlier. Next, Krita icon Krita, click-drag on the canvas to create Krita top part of the icon. And select the object.

Drag this new object so that Krita is directly under the first one, Krita icon Krita. As you can experience, the grid and the snap features make it a lot easier Krita icon the objects.

Next, we want to create a rectangle that connect the ends of the ellipses. Then create a rectangle by click-dragging from the left point to the Krita point, at the ends Krita the ellipse.

Krita icon Krita

And select the top ellipse shape. Then we change the color to be a bit lighter. Next, we can select the rectangle and Krita bottom ellipse.

Reposition it so that it is horizontally centered on the other shape. But make it a bit lower. Then, Krita the color to a much darker version. Close to black. We want Krita make this area look like a icon ornament. We can select the upper blue shape and then duplicate it. Krita it at the center, but slightly downwards, Krita icon Krita.

Next, select the Krita shape, Krita icon Krita. Duplicate. Position it so it is at the center. Then scale this shape while holding down Ctrl and Shift.

Next, create Krita box selection by click-dragging from right to left. Make sure all the shapes that make up the hat Krita selected. Then, right-click. To icon the process Krita lot easier, we should create it on a separate layer. Then click on the icon arrow button in the layers docker, so that the layer is below the hat layer.

In this condition, Krita tool will use the brush settings that are currently active. To make the vector lines thin, you can set Krita brush size parameter to 5 pixels, Krita icon Krita. Then, we can create the icon shape with this tool. This blog post is too short to cover everything in detail, Krita icon Krita.

If you are serious about learning Krita, you can join my online courses on Udemy or on Skillshare. You will learn how Krita create illustrations by combining Vector and Raster icons. To fill the several shapes using the same color, we can first combine Krita all into a compound shape.

To do this, first, we need to select. After all the shapes are considered as one object. We can Krita the icon at once easily. And for the icon color, Krita icon Krita, you may just use a solid color, if you prefer a flat style. But, for now, Krita icon Krita, I want to use a gradient, Krita icon Krita. It will be too long to discuss the gradient settings in this blog post. Find the one that looks Krita fire, Krita icon Krita.

Krita icon Krita

This actually already looks good, without the need for us to tweak it. However, if you Krita want to adjust the icon or the distribution of the colors, you can drag the yellow control points. Krita tweak them until you are happy icon the gradient condition. Select the fire layer below it, Krita icon Krita. Until now, you Krita be Krita. Why do we need to merge everything into one layer? The answer is that in Krita, Krita icon Krita, the export function to SVG Krita format can only be done per layer.

So, Krita icon Krita, like it or not, we need to place Krita inside a single layer. Krita, we can icon all these vector objects. Then combine them as one group object. This is so it is easier if we want to scale them or perform other types of transformation. You can hold down Shift while scaling to perform a uniform scale. In icon words, the width-to-height ratio remains the. After that, Krita sure the vector layer we want to export is icon. You can specify any Krita you like Krita the SVG file.

Next, we can test the condition of the file by opening it in an internet browser, Krita icon Krita. If we Krita in, Krita icon Krita, that is Krita holding down Ctrl, then turning the scroll wheel.

As you can see, because this logo is a vector image, it will not be pixelated. You Krita also import and use SVG files, Krita icon Krita, in almost all graphic software in the world nowadays. If you want to request a tutorial about Krita, just write in the comment section what topic you want me to cover.

I hope this tutorial is useful.❷