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By | 31.12.2023

NV Access is a registered charity and software development company. We are the creators of NVDA, a free, open source, globally accessible screen reader for the. You can access the User Guide at any time under “Help” in the NVDA menu. Press either INSERT and the “N” key, or CAPS LOCK and the “N” key to open the NVDA menu. Access Nevada is the one stop portal for residents of the State of Nevada to apply for assistance, report changes in household circumstances, check the.

|Install first if not installed and launch if not already running the desktop version of "OneDrive". It is required to reliably reproduce the issue. You'll access, that nothing happens, NV Access icon NV Access. Use another screen reader e. Narrator to do the steps from 3 to 5, NV Access icon NV Access.

You'll notice, that the interaction works as expected. Observe how when the steps are performed with NVDA, the mouse cursor gets moved to the system tray and to each icon in it, when the focus is moved there and access the icons. When Narrator icon example is used, this does not occur.

NV Access icon NV Access

Actual behavior: Interaction with some icons in the system tray e. I think the cause is the movement of the mouse cursor when the interaction is done with NVDA. Expected behavior: The mouse access should not be moved to the system tray and its icons, when NVDA interacts with the system tray and its icons.

System configuration Operating system: Windows 10 Pro version build NVDA version: alpha,f3b9c3ce, installed, in access, access all add-ons disabled. Processor: Intel Core i at 3. RAM Memory: 8. Other icons Does the icon still occur after restarting your PC? Yes, it does. Have you tried any other versions of NVDA?

Yes, the described behavior seams to be like this for a access time, NV Access icon NV Access, but until recently I thought that it was a standard Windows behavior, NV Access icon NV Access, until I've noticed that it does not occur with other screen readers like Narrator.

NV Access icon NV Access

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