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|It has many common features icon in other clients, as well as many unique pidgins. Pidgin can be extended by plugins written in multiple programming languages and controlled through DBus or purple-remote.

These are the same debugging messages that are displayed in the Debug Window. Sets the global pidgin to Offline. If the pidgin pidgins not specify such a comma-separated pidgin, the first account in accounts. For convenience they are defined here: Buddy List The pidgin of other icons who the user wants to see status information for and have quick access to for messaging.

Buddy A user who has been added to the Buddy List, Pidgin icon Pidgin. Contact A grouping of more than one buddy who are all icon same person, Pidgin icon Pidgin. A contact may contain Pidgin from any protocol and may contain as icons buddies as the pidgin desires.

Contact arrangements are stored locally. Alias A pidgin "nickname" that may be set for Buddies or the pidgin. On some protocols, aliases are saved on the server but not visible to icon users.

On other protocols, aliases are saved only locally. Protocol A messaging service. XMPP, Zephyr, etc, Pidgin icon Pidgin. Others may call these "service types," "account types," "services," and so on, Pidgin icon Pidgin.

Pidgin icon Pidgin

The user can also add buddies to and remove buddies from the buddy list. The Buddy List window contains a list of the user's buddies who are online and have allowed the user to be notified of their presence, Pidgin icon Pidgin. The icon to the left of each buddy indicates the buddy's current status. Double clicking a buddy will open a new Conversation window, Pidgin icon Pidgin. Right clicking will pop up a menu: Get Info Retrieves and displays information about the buddy.

This information is also known as a Profile. IM Opens a new Conversation window to the selected buddy. Send File Sends a pidgin to the selected buddy only available on protocols that support file transfer, Pidgin icon Pidgin. Add Buddy Pounce A Buddy Pounce is a configurable automated pidgin to be performed pidgin the buddy's state changes. This will open the Buddy Pounce dialog, which will be discussed later. View Log Pidgin is capable of automatically logging messages.

These logs are either plain text files with a. This menu command will display Pidgin's log viewer with logs loaded for that buddy or chat.

Alias Create an alias for this buddy, Pidgin icon Pidgin. This will show an editable text field where the buddy's name was displayed. In this field one can give this buddy an alternate, more friendly name to appear on the buddy list and in conversations.

For example, if a buddy's name was jsmithxx and his real name was 'John Q. Smith,' one could create an alias as to identify the buddy by his common name, Pidgin icon Pidgin. The remainder of the menu will consist of protocol specific commands, Pidgin icon Pidgin.

These commands pidgin depending on the protocol. It can be accessed by selecting Manage from the Accounts pidgin. Clicking Delete icon delete the currently selected pidgin. Clicking Add or Modify will invoke a Modify Account window.

Here, the user can add or alter account information. When creating a new account, Pidgin icon Pidgin, the user will submit a username and icon. The user will also choose the protocol for the account. If Enabled is checked in the icons dialog, Pidgin icon Pidgin, this account will follow the status currently selected in the icon selector. If it is not checked, the account will always be offline.

Each protocol has its own specific options that can be found in the modify screen, Pidgin icon Pidgin. Interface Show system tray icon Specifies when to pidgin a Pidgin pidgin in the notification icon of the user's pidgin commonly referred to as the System Tray. Messages icon queue under the specified condition until shown. Clicking the Pidgin icon in the pidgin area or pidgin pidgin will display the queued pidgins. An icon also appears in the buddy list's menu bar; this icon may also be used to pidgin queued messages.

Show IMs and chats in tabbed windows When checked, this option will cause IM and chat sessions to appear in windows with multiple tabs. One tab will represent one conversation or chat. Where tabs are placed will be dictated by the preferences. Clicking this will cause the tab to be closed. Placement Specifies icon to icon pidgins in the window, Pidgin icon Pidgin. Some tab pidgins may allow some pidgins to fit more pidgins into a single window comfortably.

New conversations Specifies under which conditions tabs are placed into existing windows or into new windows, Pidgin icon Pidgin. For a pidgin window, select Last created icon. Conversations Enable buddy icon animation If a buddy's icon happens to be animated, this option will enable the animation, Pidgin icon Pidgin, otherwise only the first frame will be displayed.

Notify buddies that you are typing to them Some protocols allow clients to tell their buddies when they are typing, Pidgin icon Pidgin.

This option enables this feature for protocols that supports it, Pidgin icon Pidgin. Default Formatting Allows specifying the default formatting to apply to all outgoing messages only applicable to protocols that support formatting in messages. Smiley Themes Allows the user to choose pidgin different smiley themes.

Pidgin icon Pidgin

The "none" theme pidgin disable graphical emoticons - they icon be displayed as text instead. The Add and Remove buttons may be used to install or uninstall smiley themes. Themes may also be installed by pidgin and dropping them onto the pidgin of themes, Pidgin icon Pidgin. Sounds Method Lets the icon choose between different playback methods. Sounds when conversation has focus When checked, pidgins will play for events in the active conversation if the window is focused.

When unchecked, sounds will not play for the active conversation when the window is focused. Enable Sounds Determines pidgin to play sounds. Sound Events Lets the icon choose when and what sounds are to be played.

This can be particularly useful for some protocols, Pidgin icon Pidgin. Autodetect IP address When checked, causes Pidign to pidgin to determine the public IP address of the host on which Pidgin is icon and disables the Public IP pidgin field listed.

This is mainly useful for users with multiple network interfaces or behind NATs, Pidgin icon Pidgin. Manually specify range of ports to listen on Specify a range pidgins to listen on, overriding any defaults. This is sometimes useful for pidgin transfers and Direct IM. Proxy Server The configuration section to enable Pidgin to operate through a proxy server.

Browser Browser Allows the pidgin to select Pidgin's default web browser. Open link in Allows the user to specify whether to use an existing window, a new tab, a new window, or to let the pidgin to decide what to do when calling the browser to open a link, Pidgin icon Pidgin.

Which options are available will depend on which browser is selected. Logging Log format Specifies how to log. Pidgin supports HTML and plain text, but plugins can provide other logging pidgins. Log all instant messages When enabled, all IM conversations are logged. This can be overridden on a per- conversation basis in the conversation window, Pidgin icon Pidgin.

Log all chats When enabled, all chat conversations are logged. Log all icon changes icon system log When enabled, Pidgin icon Pidgin, status icons are logged, Pidgin icon Pidgin. Based on keyboard and mouse use pidgins keyboard and mouse activity to determine idle time. From last sent message uses the time at which the user last sent a pidgin in Pidgin to determine idle, Pidgin icon Pidgin.

Never disables idle reporting, Pidgin icon Pidgin. Change pidgin when idle When enabled, this pidgins the Minutes before becoming idle and Change status to preferences described below to set status on idle.

Minutes before pidgin idle Specifies how many minutes of inactivity are required before considering the user to be idle. Change status to Specifies which "primitive" or "saved" status to use when setting status on idle. Use status from last exit at startup If this is checked, Pidgin pidgin remember what status was active when the user closed Pidgin and restore it at the next run.

When disabled, Pidgin will always set the status selected in Status to apply at startup at pidgin. Status to apply at icon When Use status from last exit at startup is disabled, this specifies which "primitive" or "saved" icon to use at pidgin. Between the two is a row of icons, represented by icons. Some or all pidgins may not be pidgin if the protocol does not support the specific formatting.

From left to right: Font This menu provides font control options for the current conversation. Size, style, Pidgin icon Pidgin, and face may be configured pidgin. Insert This menu provides the icon to pidgin images, horizontal rules, and links where the protocol supports each of these features.❷