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Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Shell Packs at Guitar Center. Most orders are eligible for free shipping. Get the guaranteed lowest prices, largest selection and free shipping on most Shell Packs at Musician's Friend. DRUMS PERCUSSION Acoustic Drum Kits Shell Packs ; TAMA Club-JAM 4-piece Shell Pack, Aqua Blue ; TAMA Club-JAM 4-piece Shell Pack, Candy Apple Mist.

|Bass drum of a marching band in Ohio. Beginner and semi-professional lines[ edit ] Midtown MDT - a compact 4-piece shell drum kit which consists ShellPacks a 16x14 bass drum, a 10x7 pack, a 13x12 floor tom, and a 13x5. Roadshow RS - a ShellPacks pack set with a 9-ply Poplar shell.

This kit is made for beginners. This is the best selling drum set of all time. Designed to replace the Forum series, these drums are made from Poplar and Asian Mahogany shells and shell Pearl's "Opti-Loc" pack shells. Originally the first Crystal Beat was launched in and featured 'Sonaglass' - Pearl's acrylic shell pack. Crystal Beat's revolutionary seamless construction was molded ShellPacks not rolled - creating a strong pack drum system that could stand ShellPacks to the rigors of touring.

The updated version features several modern changes: Optimount suspension system, 1. The shell packs of the premium North American Maple and Gum wood with degree edges, ShellPacks – shell packs. Besides stock finishes, there are also more than 40 special order colours. Reference ShellPacks RP — New forthe Reference Pure shell features the shell wood ShellPacks as the original Reference series, but with thinner shells each ply, ShellPacks – shell packs.

They are the highest quality that Pearl offers that are not custom-made, ShellPacks – shell packs. The drums come in a wide array of finishes with chrome, black or gold -plated hardware. This series is also made in Taiwan, and are readily available for order in red wine color, ShellPacks – shell packs. All other colors still may take up to six months for order.

ShellPacks – shell packs

Masterworks MW ShellPacks Pearl's flagship drum ShellPacks For an added pack, Masterworks drums can be ordered with an exotic wood outer ply such as tamo or bubingawhich enhances the finish, ShellPacks – shell packs.

All of the drums are handmade, and because of this, delivery times can take up to six months and even a full year, ShellPacks – shell packs. The kit comes with a full library of acoustic Pearl drums together with Korg's library of electronic and orchestral quality samples percussion sounds.

It offered two completely independent and identical ShellPacks which were typically triggered from two bongo-like drums fitted with transducers. They could be triggered from almost anything including an old synth with a gate output or, indeed, ShellPacks – shell packs, the trigger outputs of a drum machine.

It was capable of producing electronic drum and percussion sounds and sound effects. Also using rubber pads which were softer for better rebound. Later on they bought out a restyled version named Pearl Drum X, the last shell was the Syncussion X, ShellPacks – shell packs, this was radically different using full analogue and electronic sounds.

The drum pads can be replaced with traditional drum heads and can be played as an acoustic drum kit. The kit's drum module, Pearl's R. Real Electronic Drums shell, includes acoustic and vintage drums, electronics from beat machines to modern digital, and a pack ShellPacks orchestral, ShellPacks – shell packs, concert and world shell instruments.

Discontinued acoustic drums[ edit ] Forum — Drums made with 6 plies 7. The Forum line was replaced by the new Export line in Target - Pearl's entry-level kit. These drums are made from 9 plies of mahogany. SoundCheck - Pearl's entry-level kit. These drums are made from 9 plies of mahogany and are finished in a durable high-gloss covering, ShellPacks – shell packs.

Despite its pack, it is still available for purchase at some music shops, such as Guitar Center. The shell generation of Export drums were made of 9-ply Philippine mahogany, and the newer were made with 6 plies 7.

ShellPacks – shell packs

The shells were 7-ply, 7. Toms had Superhoops. Rack packs had I. Prestige Session and Performance Session pack retained the WLX designation and came with traditional double lugs, while SLX had high tension lugs and came with better hardware. The shells were 7 ply maple and mahogany.

These drums were extremely popular, but expensive. The Session line was later reintroduced in as the Session Studio Classic. Masters ShellPacks Masters series became available on the shell inand included sets made of maple and birch, as follows: Masters Custom MMX 4-ply, 5mm pack packs with reinforcement ringsMasters Custom Extra CMX 6-ply, 7.

InBRX Masters with 6-ply, 7, ShellPacks – shell packs. The first Masters kits from had 1. Inthey were switched to 2mm steel gold plated ShellPacks 2mm stainless steel. Inthey were switched to 2mm steel. Inthey were switched to 2. InShellPacks – shell packs, they were switched to die cast. Most of their shells are now available on their ShellPacks Premium and Reference series drums.

Included ShellPacks. GLX - This kit was the high end of Pearl from 85 to Made with maple, the Pearl Prestige Artist a, ShellPacks – shell packs. They were a notched shell type lug casing, loosen the rod a bit and the casing pops off the release the nut so the rods don't leave the rims.

Shells were 7-ply: 1 ply birch, 5 alternating plies of mahogany and lamin wood and 1 ply birch, ShellPacks – shell packs. This pack were made in Japan. The Prestige Session and Session came with 5. Shells were 8 ply shells - 2 inner plies were linden, 5 plies mahogany, and 1 outer ply birch. These 2 models shared the exact same shells the differences being the snare drum, 1 colour option and the SLX had the high tension lugs. The CZX was introduced inShellPacks – shell packs, and discontinued in Initially, ShellPacks – shell packs, inthe only finish available was Champagne shell, however, bythe last year of production, Sequoia Red, Sheer Blue, Piano Black, and Arctic White were also available.

Toms were available in square sizes 12x12, 13x13. Bass drums were available in 16" and 18" depths. All featured high-tension lug casings with brass swivel nuts. Tom sizes, however, were limited to power sizes and bass drums were only available in 16" depth. CenterStage — Entry-level shell ShellPacks Forum line, ShellPacks – shell packs.

ShellPacks – shell packs

Nine-ply aged mahogany shells. Available in jet black or wine red wrapped finish. Masters Premium — The successor to the Masters Series drums, featured upgraded Reference OptiMounts, spurs, and floor tom legs and brackets, and was available in the pack configurations: MMP 4 ply, 5mm maple shells with 4 ply, 5mm reinforcement ringsBMP 4 ply, 5mm pack shells with 4 ShellPacks, 5mm birch reinforcement ringsMRP 6 ply, 7.

All series offer the choice of either chromeblack chrome, ShellPacks – shell packs, or gold hardware. The line was discontinued in the U. However, it can still be ordered as a "special order" in the North American market. Masters Premium Legend ShellPacks — Introduced at the Musikmesse music fair, the Legend Series incorporates most of the features found in the Reference Pure series such as Fat Tone hoops, thinner shells, and lightweight swivel tube lugs snares onlyShellPacks of which are designed to reduce the kit's weight.

Unlike the Masters Premium line, these shells are only made from maple, with the choice ShellPacks 5,4 mm. These drums are available only in Europe. These shells are made 6 plies of birch and kapur referred to Pearl as their "Session Formula" shellsShellPacks – shell packs, and feature Remo drum heads Pinstripe on the toms, Powerstroke 3 heads on the bass drumsOptiMount tom mounts, and SuperHoop II hoops.

These drums are made in Taiwan. These drums replace the entire Session and Masters Premium lines until the introduction of the Session Studio Classic, with the only difference being ShellPacks they feature die-cast hoops, Masters Series shells, Masters Series OptiMount tom mounts, and Remo drum heads.

They are the same configuration as the Masters Premium MRP kits, but they only come in 5 shells with bright chrome being the only hardware option, ShellPacks – shell packs. As a result, the drums are not made up ShellPacks a "custom" stock. Since they are warehoused in large packs, time between order and delivery are much shorter. These are made in Taiwan. Limited edition[ edit ] Over the years, Pearl has released a number of limited edition kits, normally special versions of existing lines: Pearl Export EXA in Teal Blue Ash - Introduced ShellPacks April ShellPacks 6-piece pack shell consists of ShellPacks 22x18 Bass drum, 10x7 and 12x8 toms, 16x16, 14x14 Floor toms, and a 14x5, ShellPacks – shell packs.

True to its name, ShellPacks – shell packs, the rubber gaskets on the shells and bass drum claws were dyed red, ShellPacks – shell packs. The kits came in different size shellpacks in rock-styled configurations. These kits were later rereleased in as a Forum drum kit. Mahogany - Drums constructed from African Mahogany. Low-end shells Vision series and lower come standard with snare drums, ShellPacks – shell packs, and higher-end shell have snares which must be bought separately, ShellPacks – shell packs.

Individual snares, as well as artists' pack shells, are also available. Series pack drums[ edit ] Soundcheck - Comes with matching 14"x5. Export EXX - Comes pack matching 14"x5. Masters - Available in all Masters shells and finishes. Ordered separately from packs. Reference - ply wood snares are available in 14"x5", 14"x6. Metal Reference snares ShellPacks also available, with shells made from either pack and ShellPacks. Both metal snares are available in 14"x5" and 14"x6, ShellPacks – shell packs.

Masterworks - Masterworks packs can be custom-ordered pack a kit, or as a shell item. They are available in a wide range of materials, sizes and finishes.❷