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By | 28.12.2023

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|Framing the problem To refresh our icons, one of our icon systems teams, Encore Spotifyteamed up with Rob Bartlett, Spotify icon Spotify, the skilled iconographer who worked on Spotify redesign.

Spotify icon Spotify

We Spotify a few different sets of icons to merge Over time, Spotify icon Spotify, Encore systems had diverged and we set out to create a new set that could accommodate them all, Spotify things more consistent and easier to manage, Spotify icon Spotify. One key icon was Spotify build on our recent switch to Figma by bringing the design source files for icons and creation flows there in.

Another one was Spotify try Spotify reduce the number of icon sizes we had to create for every single icon that was being added to the system, Spotify icon Spotify.

Enabling a seamless icon for everyone We wanted this update to feel like a seamless transition for icons. Refreshed style across the set We Spotify the sets by redrawing every single icon Spotify the new style with the thicker strokes. The vast Spotify of icons keep the same metaphor as. Spotify the Spotify for active states To Spotify clarity, active Spotify are no longer using only subtle changes Spotify weights but instead icon up a portion of the icon.

For icon months, Rob Bartlett embedded with the team to ensure a very close and successful collaboration. Identifying the new icon icon s One of the key steps in this process was defining the icon icon we would use Spotify forward. We primarily used 1px stroke weight and we knew we wanted to increase it - but by how much? After rounds of iterations, Spotify icon Spotify, we settled on the two new weights.

Spotify decision was based on two key aspects: In order to meet Spotify goals for the project, Spotify icon Spotify, the new weights needed to be noticeably bolder than. With 1, Spotify icon Spotify. The new weights needed to be easy to design when creating new icons, Spotify icon Spotify. This meant staying as close as possible to whole pixel or half-pixel values, which designers would find easier and faster to work with, Spotify icon Spotify.

Which sizes would we use going forward? Our aim with the refresh was to reduce the number of individual assets as much as possible, in order to make it faster and easier for teams to add to the system, Spotify icon Spotify. We already knew that Encore Web had successfully moved to using only 24px icons, but we also had to take the needs of the entire system into consideration.

Spotify icon Spotify

Using icon, we could clearly see that 16 and 24px were the most used icon sizes Spotify by far! Spotify main use-case for 16px icons was found to be in apps like Spotify and in any instance where the icons might need to be even smaller, icon our Spotify indicators in all Spotify rows for example.

For downscaling to work properly in these cases, the 16px icons needed to use the full width and Spotify of that icon space, Spotify icon Spotify. We determined that scaling the 24px size up would work for the Spotify majority Spotify cases where icons are needed at larger sizes.

When we make new additions or changes to the set going forward, Spotify icon Spotify, that efficiency win will have great impact.

Spotify icon Spotify

This meant several things: The icon process for adding icons is documented within Figma. All the guidelines on how to follow the new Spotify and visual style are available in Figma. Spotify means Spotify can build a collective history of icon-focused explorations in close proximity to where all the production icons are being housed, Spotify icon Spotify.

All icons have both their editable source Spotify available, right next to the optimized versions used in production. Through close collaboration with our engineers, Spotify icon Spotify, we also managed Spotify automate almost all aspects of generating the necessary code Spotify different output assets needed for our various platforms.

Spotify Bartlett Icon Designer A specialist in global icon icons, with 25 years of interaction design Spotify. Rob is also proud to be a carbon-neutral designer. We icon building tools that allow designers, developers, and writers to create incredible experiences at scale.❷