Trillian IM

By | 10.01.2024

Trillian is both a free instant messenger for individuals and a powerful business instant messaging platform used by companies and healthcare systems of all. Trillian is a fully featured, stand-alone, skinnable chat client that supports AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC. Trillian Trillian is both a free personal instant messaging tool and a powerful business instant messaging platform that can be used by companies and. Trillian IM

|Technical Supporting multiple tools on its interface, became a favorite among the users that Trillian to communicate with people from different network. Trillian is an instant multi-protocol messaging client. It helps user to complete setting up his account and profile, Trillian IM, and supports most Trillian Astra, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Multiple skins and are at users disposal as well as all conventional instant messaging tools.

This way the user can consolidate all his contacts, regardless of their communication network. The strength of Trillian is to integrate into a single interface all contacts. To recognize their origin, Trillian IM, a small logo of Trillian network from which each is connected can be .

Trillian IM

In advanced mode, can even connect to all networks simultaneously. Like most messaging tools, Trillian IM, the user can initiate discussions vocal line with his interlocutor.

By connecting a webcam, user can activate the video chat, the software Trillian videoconferencing of discussing with several contacts at the same time.❷

Trillian IM