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Free desktop project scheduling and management app with Gantt chart for Windows, Linux and macOS. Download GanttProject for free. Free project scheduling and management tool. GanttProject is a project scheduling application written in. GanttProject is a Gantt chart software that helps businesses to create, edit and manage Gantt charts. The solution allows managers to create task lists.

|It does everything I have needed it to ganttproject. I just wish it was more ganttproject capable. PROS I like how easy it is to use, ganttproject. Adding, removing, or editing tasks ganttproject easily done, ganttproject. The amount of detail you can attach to tasks or groups of tasks ganttproject very useful, ganttproject, ganttproject.

I like how you can visualize tasks in a ganttproject fashion with dates easily visibleand keep tabs on what is ganttproject with reference to other tasks in the project ie, parallel paths data, ganttproject.


Adding or removing time from tasks integrates ganttproject with tasks ganttproject reference them, making it easy to make adjustments, ganttproject. Zooming in ganttproject scrolling on the timeline is so hard to use, ganttproject. If your project does not fit nicely within the couple ganttproject zoom levels, it does make it hard to visualize everything, ganttproject.

Then, scrolling is sometimes almost impossible, ganttproject.


Sometimes the left-right scrolling does not work, and sometimes you can't ganttproject enough to see your entire project. Ganttproject seems like a bug that could be fixed, ganttproject. The export features are ganttproject. You can print ganttproject save as a, ganttproject.

So, ganttproject large project ganttproject you ganttproject to your colleagues is a several page document that simply chops up the timeline into tiles, ganttproject.

Basically, ganttproject, only those with GanttProject installed can view the timeline, ganttproject. Anonymous Used monthly for more than 2 years Review Source: Capterra This reviewer was invited by us to submit an honest ganttproject and offered a nominal incentive as a ganttproject you.❷