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By | 28.01.2024

Odoo is a suite of web based open source business apps. The main Odoo Apps include an Open Source CRM, Website Builder, eCommerce, Warehouse Management, Project. Open Source Business Apps. Odoo has 25 repositories available. A repository with the code for the bases and solutions of the official Odoo tutorials. Odoo Community Association. The GitHub repos for all Open Source work around Odoo. k followers; Lausanne, Switzerland; downloadtyme.com odoo github

|Install and Configure Odoo Install the PostgreSQL package from the Github default repositories: sudo apt install libpq-dev postgresql-client postgresql-client-common python3-psycopg2 postgresql postgresql-contrib Once the installation is completed, odoo github, odoo github, create a PostgreSQL user with the same name as github previously odoo system user, in our github that is odoo sudo su - odoo -c "createuser -s odoo14" 4.

In order to print PDF reports, odoo github, you will need the wkhtmltopdf tool, odoo github. The recommended version github Odoo is 0. Download the package using the following odoo command: Ubuntu Install and Configure Odoo We will install Odoo from the Github repository inside an isolated Python virtual environment.

In this tutorial we will use example.

odoo github

Nginx installed. SSL certificate for your domain, odoo github. The snippets used in this configuration are created in this guide, odoo github. Once you are done, test and restart the Nginx Service with: sudo nginx -t sudo nginx -s reload sudo serivce nginx restart or sudo systemctl restart nginx Next, odoo github, we need to tell Odoo that we will use proxy. Change the binding interface This step odoo optional, odoo github, but it is a good security practice.

By default, Odoo server listens to port on all interfaces. If you want to disable direct access to your Odoo instance you odoo either block the port for all public interfaces github force Odoo to listen only on the local interface, odoo github. In this guide we will configure Odoo to listen only github Enable Multiprocessing By default, Odoo is working in multithreading mode. Github production deployments, it is recommended to switch to the multiprocessing server as it increases stability, and make better usage odoo the system resources, odoo github.

In order to enable multiprocessing we need to edit odoo Odoo configuration and set a non-zero number github worker processes, odoo github. In odoo guide we installed Odoo along with PostgreSQL and Odoo on a same server and depending on your setup you may also have other odoo running github your server.

Just try to upgrade gevent using, odoo github, make sure gevent works github different github and check the gevent working in background: netstat -plant grep e.

odoo github

Conclusion This tutorial walked you through the github of Odoo 14 on Ubuntu Odoo you have questions feel free to ask me, odoo github. Copy link.❷