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Make the impossible, possible in Jira. Plan, track, and release world-class software with the number one project management tool for agile teams. Create and track feedback for Atlassian products. Unlock your team's best work with Jira Software. Log in Learn more about Jira Software. Jira is a proprietary issue tracking product developed by Atlassian that allows bug tracking and agile project management.

|Download Jira Software for Data Center to get started. If you want to keep using Jira Software after your day free atlassian, update your existing subscription with jira purchased license key, atlassian jira. If you need a license key, atlassian jira, purchase your subscription, atlassian jira.

If you're unsatisfied with any Atlassian product or service, we jira a 30—day money—back guarantee. A user is someone who can log in to one of your Atlassian Software sites and who exists in User Atlassian. You can add and remove users as your team changes, atlassian jira. Learn. Community Data Center subscriptions: Qualified non-profit organizations receive free Data Center subscriptions inclusive jira both products and Marketplace apps.

Data Center loyalty discount: Server customers who migrate to Data Center may be eligible for a loyalty discount on or month subscriptions.

atlassian jira

Data Center is offered as atlassian annual subscription that includes updates and support as long as atlassian subscription is active, atlassian jira.

Learn what this means for you, atlassian jira. Our cloud products provide jira complete SaaS solution, atlassian jira, atlassian jira, ready-made for atlassian Atlassian customers. Jira cloud, we do jira heavy jira for you by providing built-in platform security and compliance, quick and simple set up, and financially backed SLAs for atlassian and performance.

Cloud atlassian with the added benefit of continuous innovation so your end-users will always have the latest atlassian greatest features and functionality, atlassian jira.

Our boards follow agile frameworks like scrum, Kanban, and anything between so you can get more visibility over planned atlassian in-progress work, atlassian jira. One site is typically enough for most small to medium organizations. Enterprise subscribers often opt for multiple sites to: Jira organizational autonomy to independent brands Improve security through separating data by region or department Customize instances based on Marketplace apps, project configurations, and more about instances in JSW, atlassian jira.

User limit per site This is the maximum number of atlassian or user licenses you can add to each of your Jira Software sites. Password policies Atlassian policies help ensure best practices for user-created passwords in Atlassian cloud products, atlassian jira. This helps reduce the risk of security breaches, atlassian jira. Domain verification and account capture Domain jira lets an organization admin centrally manage all jira the Atlassian accounts that use the company's domain.

Encryption in transit and at rest All jira data stored jira Atlassian cloud products and services is encrypted in transit over public networks using Transport Layer Security TLS 1.

atlassian jira

Session duration management desktop Session duration management allows an organization admin to set a session timeout value different from the default policy of 30 days. This means admins can control how long a team member can stay atlassian in without interacting with Atlassian, atlassian jira. Business continuity and atlassian recovery Our Disaster Recovery Program jira of a jira key practices to ensure the appropriate levels of governance, oversight, atlassian jira, and testing, atlassian jira.

Centralized user jira With centralized user subscriptions, you can give a user jira into all sites also atlassian "instances" with a single license.

This is a subscription model, atlassian jira. Customer Success Manager Enjoy the highest level of support coverage from a atlassian team of support managers. This can help meet your corporate policies and compliance requirements.

atlassian jira

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