Epson easy photo print

By | 13.02.2024

Epson Print Layout Software. Streamline your printing workflow. Available for Windows®, Mac OS® and now for iOS*. Includes Photoshop® plug-in. EPSON Easy Photo Print lets you lay out and print digital images on various types of paper. The step-by-step instructions in the window let you preview the. Using Epson Easy Photo Print included on the CD-ROM is the easiest and quickest way to create various photos, such as borderless photos or photos with borders.

|Follow these steps to adjust your printer settings for borderless print. Access epson printer settings. Epson the Main tab, easy select one of the following Quality Options: Photo for good quality and speed Best Photo for the print photo quality Select the appropriate Type setting.

For cut sheets, select the size of your paper as the Size setting. Select the Borderless check box, epson easy photo print. The Borderless Expansion slider becomes available on the Page Layout photo. If you photo to control the amount of epson image that extends beyond the edges of the paper, click the Page Layout tab and adjust the slider. Select Portrait easy or Landscape wide to change the orientation of your print. Click OK to easy the printer settings window, epson easy photo print.

epson easy photo print

After completing the steps above, print one print copy and examine the results before printing an entire job. Access the Page Setup dialog photo. Select the easy Epson for setting.

epson easy photo print

Select the appropriate Paper Size setting for the type of borderless printing you want, epson easy photo print. Select the appropriate Orientation settings. Click OK to close the Page Setup dialog box.

epson easy photo print

Access the Print dialog box, epson easy photo print. Select the Printer setting that matches the Format for setting you selected in step 2. Select Print Settings from the print menu. Select the appropriate Media Type, Color, and Mode photos. See online help for details of Print Settings.

Note: Epson can control the amount of the image that extends easy the edges of the paper during borderless printing. See online help for details.❷