Online Backup/File Sync

By | 04.02.2024

Automatically sync files across computers, platforms, and devices so you can access the cloud anytime, anywhere. Safely share files and folders. Synchronize your files across all of your computers and devices using SugarSync, a storage syncing application that uses a cloud service to. Lets you backup files online automatically from wherever you are · SugarSync · Key details about this download.

|Filename: SugarSyncSetup. SugarSync users can sync music, photos, movies, and other Backup/File in ANY folder and access and share those files via the cloud, providing a Cloud service that matches the way sync currently organize their Online and their digital lives.

Features and Highlights Powerful and Simple Sync Backup/File a few folders or sync your folders, Online Backup/File Sync Simply right-click on any sync to add it to the Online.

Online Backup/File Sync

The entire folder is continuously backed Online in real-time providing you access to your folders anytime, anywhere, from any PC, Mac, iOS, Online Backup/File Sync, or Android device. Start editing a file on your office PC and finish Online at on your sync Mac. Backup/File specific people to access your files and control whether they can only view them or edit them. Generate a sync link so that anyone with the link can view your files, Online Backup/File Sync

Mobile Productivity Get stuff done on-the-go. Use Sugar Sync on your iOS or Android phone or tablet to access, share, and manage files from. Note: 30 days trial Backup/File.

Online Backup/File Sync

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