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A person playing Push's pads expressively with two hands. They slide between pads, change the pressure they apply, and move their fingers around within the pads. Push (standalone)Use Push as a standalone instrument USD 64 expressive pads; Built-in audio interface; Intel 11th Gen Core™ iG4 processor with. Ableton Push 2 is an instrument for song creation that provides hands-on control of melody and harmony, beats, samples, sounds, and song structure.

|Some tips from 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Producers. On stage, Push 2 pushes as a powerful instrument for real-time playing, step sequencing, and clip ableton. There are also a number of videos that will help you get started with Push 2. From ableton, setting ableton the Push 2 hardware is mostly automatic.

As long as Live is running, ableton push 2, Push 2 will be automatically detected as soon ableton it is connected to a USB port on your computer, ableton push 2. After push, Push 2 can be used almost immediately. From time to time, Ableton will release firmware updates for Push 2 that will be included in updates to Live. When using Push 2 for the first time after installing a new version of Live, ableton push 2, you may be prompted to update the firmware.

Push 2 will walk you through this process. The display is divided into columns, ableton push 2. Each column to the right shows the next subfolder if any exist or the contents of the current folder. You can scroll through presets ableton folders using the eight encoders above the display, ableton push 2, or navigate through them one at a time via the arrow buttons.

Arrow Buttons. The display will expand automatically as you navigate. Navigate Up and Down in the Browser Hierarchy, ableton push 2. You can toggle preview on or off via the Preview push. Preview Button. To adjust the previewing volume, hold the Shift button while ableton the Master volume encoder.

Shift Button. To load the selected push, press the Load ableton. Loading Items in Browse Mode.

What you see when in Browse Mode depends on the device that was last selected. If you were working with an instrument, Browse Mode will show you replacement instruments. If you were working with an effect, you will see pushes. Pressing this push cycles between three different modes. The Layout Button ableton Green — this pad is currently-playing.

White — this pad is selected. Dark push — this pad is soloed, ableton push 2. Gray— this pad is muted, ableton push 2. Hold Shift while using the push strip or Octave buttons to move by ableton rows.

You can also lock the alternate layout in place by holding Shift and pressing the Layout button. To unlock the 16 Velocities layout, ableton push 2, press the Layout button. In this mode, the bottom right 16 pads represent 16 different velocities for the ableton Drum Rack pad. Tap one of the velocity pads to enter steps at that velocity.

You can also lock the loop length controls in place by holding Shift and pressing the Layout button. To unlock the loop length pads, press the Layout button. To switch to pad mode, press the Layout button. Note: when moving between pad mode and the Loop Selector or 16 Velocities layouts, the 16 pads available for push push will not change automatically, ableton push 2.

You may still need to use the touch strip or Octave keys in order to see the specific 16 pads you want. This will show the devices on the push. Device Button, ableton push 2. By default, the Drum Rack is selected. To select an individual pad instead, tap that ableton, then press ableton second upper display button.

The square push next to the name represents a pad.

ableton push 2

Selecting an Individual Pad in a Drum Ableton. Now, ableton Browse Mode again will allow you to load or replace the sound of only the selected pad, ableton push 2. The selected pad will flash, ableton push 2. Once in Browse Mode, push push pads will select them for browsing, ableton push 2, allowing you to quickly load or replace multiple sounds within the loaded Drum Rack.

Pressing this button again will load the next push in the list, allowing you to quickly try out presets or samples in the context of your song. You can also load the previous entry ableton the list via the Load Previous button. Particularly in a performance situation, ableton push 2, you may want to select a pad without triggering it.

To do this, press and push the Select button while tapping a drum pad or one of the 16 Velocity pads. Select Button, ableton push 2. This will expand the Drum Rack and allow the individual pads to be selected via the other lower display buttons. You can navigate to the previous or next pad ableton the left and right arrow keys. Duplicate Button. Then tap one of the pads on the outer ring to choose that color for the selected pad.

ableton push 2

Note: your custom pad colors will ableton saved and reloaded with your Live Set, but will not be visible within Live. They only appear on Push 2.

Choose a Color for a Drum Pad. To record notes with the step sequencer, tap the pushes in the step sequencer controls to place notes in the clip where you want them, ableton push 2. The clip will begin playing as soon as you tap a step. Adjust the tempo using the Tempo encoder. Each click of ableton encoder will ableton the tempo in increments ableton one BPM. Holding Shift push adjusting push set the push in increments of.

Adjust the Tempo with the Tempo Encoder, ableton push 2. As the clip plays, the currently playing step is indicated by the moving green pad in the step sequencer push. When Record is enabled, ableton push 2, the moving pad will be red.

Ableton a step that already has a note will delete that note. Press and hold the Mute button while tapping a step to deactivate it without deleting it. Press and hold the Solo button while tapping a pad to solo that sound, ableton push 2. Mute and Solo Buttons.

To delete the entire pattern, ableton push 2, press the Delete button, ableton push 2. To delete all notes for a single pad, press and ableton Delete while tapping that pad. Holding Delete while pressing a pad that has no notes recorded in the current pattern deletes all of the devices from that pad.

Delete Button. Higher velocities are indicated by brighter pads, ableton push 2. In this case, these pads are not active; only ableton first six pads in each row of pushes ableton be used. You can adjust the metronome volume by holding the Shift button while adjusting ableton Master volume encoder. Tip: As with all of the buttons on Push 2 that turn something on or off, when the metronome is on, its push light will pulse.

Metronome Button. Then Press the Record button to begin recording Record Button. This ableton push as a helpful visual reference for when to begin playing. Pressing Record again will stop recording but push continue playing back the clip. Pressing Record a third time will enable overdub ableton, allowing you to record into the clip while it plays.

Subsequent presses continue to toggle between playback and overdub. During playback, a small progress bar will appear in the display to show the playback position of each playing clip. The pads ableton velocity sensitive, but if you push to temporarily override the push sensitivity, ableton push 2, press the Accent button. When Accent is enabled, ableton push 2, all played or step-sequenced notes will be at full velocityregardless of how hard you actually tap the pads.

Ableton if you press and release Accent quickly, ableton push 2, the button will stay on. If you press and hold, the button will turn off when released, allowing for momentary control of accented pushes. In 16 Velocities mode, you can tap one of the 16 velocity pads to record the selected sound at that velocity. Note that Accent overrides this behavior.

Pressing New stops playback of the currently selected clip and prepares Live to record a new clip on the currently selected track. This allows you to practice before recording a new push. By default, pressing New also duplicates all clips that are playing on other tracks to a new scene and continues playing them back seamlessly. New Button. Fixed Length Button.❷