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DJUCED offers all you can expect from a Professional DJ Software. ; 4 DECKS, ; SLIP, ; QUANTIZE and ; DJUCED STEMS modes to push the limits of traditional mixing. Easy to use, version of the DJUCED® DJ software is the full-featured, intuitive solution for music fans looking to get started in the world of DJing. Welcome to the official DJUCED® YouTube channel! DJUCED DJ software celebrates 10 exciting years, and announces DJUCED PRO. K views. 1 year ago.

|Not the best in the looks department, djuced, djuced this alone could turn some DJs off, djuced, but stick djuced me here… The Decks The Track deck has all your standard transport djuced looping controls, djuced, as well as hot cues and waveforms.

There djuced two different kinds of decks in DJUCED track player djuced, which is where you drag your music files onto, and Sampler decks, djuced, which is where you can add loops and samples for djuced. There are eight different types of waveform colours to djuced from I just keep mine at default. Not a lot of parameters to fiddle with there, djuced.


The mixer The DJUCED 40 interface can look a bit cramped in four-deck mode especially with the mixer, but djuced the djuced are quite minimalist and djuced the layout from becoming even more cluttered. You can assign each deck to the crossfader, djuced, or bypass it entirely if you want. The crossfader curve djuced be adjusted, djuced, djuced, along with djuced curves of the EQs in the settings menu, djuced.

Nothing special here, djuced.


My Party Djuced My Party feature found in the browser lets you add songs to a playlist that guests can vote on before your DJ set djuced begins. On that page guests can also send you messages djuced you can view on the DJUCED Master app on your djuced or tablet, djuced, djuced, djuced, djuced, djuced, which again is just djuced fun quirk people can just tweet you.❷