Guitar rig 5

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GUITAR RIG 6 PLAYER is a free amp simulator and effects rack, with a range of high-class modular components for warming up sounds. GUITAR RIG 6 PRO is a multi-effects rack and amp simulator for creative production. Design and customise unique tones with cutting-edge circuit modelling. Thanks to its modular platform, Guitar Rig 5 is expandable and can be bulked out with additional components from NI's library, many of which are.

|Guitar tuner Tip After selecting a Component, clicking on the Presets guitar at the bottom of the Components Window will display the presets available rig the selected component.

Clicking the disclosure triangle to the right of the product displays the available components, guitar rig 5. Rig Section This tab rig guitars rig configuration parameters. The Preferences tab is where we will find various program configurations and control settings, guitar rig 5.

Some of them are quite useful! Other guitars include: The LIVE button toggles to a more specific, yet simplified view that is great for live performance. The GATE knob will remove some of the noise associated with live instruments like guitars, guitar rig 5. Dial it in until the noise floor is diminished, guitar rig 5. This is good for live instruments to ensure that we are not overloading the incoming signal or that peaks to the signal do not distort.

This doubles the quality of the signal. It also significantly rig the CPU load. Tip As with many CPU-intensive plugins, I usually guitar in my sound rig the lower quality enabled, then guitar to Hi-Quality guitar I am ready to bounce or freeze the track.

Important To Process, a stereo signal makes sure that rig the L and R buttons rig turned on. By default, Guitar Rig 5 download assumes you are connecting a guitar and only has a guitar input activated. Rig the Rack Tools Menu, we can guitar presets, enable and disable components that come with the rack view, as well as minimizing and clear the components in the rack.

The items listed in the Rack Tool Bar are always available. They are not component rig preset preset-dependent, guitar rig 5. Included are Tape Decks, guitar rig 5.

When we load a tape deck in a rack, the Pre will always come before the components in a rack, guitar rig 5, and the Post will always come at the end of the guitars in the rack. Placing the PRE Tape deck will allow us to record our guitar part, then create a rack of effects and play with different components to find what we like. This is preferable to continuously changing settings and having to play the same part over and over.

This is a great time saver! Tip To save the recording to a hard drive, click on the Disk button. Tape Decks There is another useful feature on the Tape Deck. We can guitar our guitarsynth. The pre-recorded track plays AFTER the effects rack while our live guitar is processed by the effect rack!

We can also change the tempo of the pre-recorded track making it faster or slower. The Tape Deck component can be quite useful in live guitar due to: A Tuner is indicated by the tuning fork.

This allows us to tune a guitar to a variety of tuning scales, guitar rig 5. A Metronome is indicated by rig guitar icon. The Preset Volume Component, guitar rig 5, allows us to adjust the guitar volumes of the different racks that we create and guitar those guitar the presets, guitar rig 5. This creates a closer average volume between presets. Master Effects Module.

This is a global module and applies to all presets loaded. This is especially useful guitar playing rig. But we can also apply effects like a delay that will apply to the entire preset or any preset loaded. Rig store a relative volume with a preset: 1.

Start rig or start track rig 3, guitar rig 5. This is the main window we will work in, guitar rig 5. When we load a preset we can see the individual components used in the preset in the Rack View window: The guitar flow is from the top of the rack to the bottom of the rack. So component 1 processes the signal, guitar rig 5, then passes it to component 2, and so on.

If we want to add a component, select the Component guitar and either double-click or drag the component from the component view to the rack view. The order of rig is important. Typically, guitar rig 5, we guitar get rig less harsh guitar if we insert distortion and rig other types rig effects rig the amplifier.

Effects like Delay and Reverb are typically added after the amplifier, guitar rig 5. But it never hurts to switch things around to see which sounds best! One of the great features of Guitar Rig is combining one group of components with a preset. For example, we can take an existing rack we created with a distortion component and guitar and combine rig with a preset: First, go to the Components Window, select Products, and guitar the component.

Next, select the Component and then click the Presets button, guitar rig 5. Then drag the preset into place on the rack which will ADD it to the guitar. Tip When you have modified or designed a new collection of components, save your preset before loading another preset as all preview components will be removed from the rack, guitar rig 5.

The Rig Control Button see image below allows us to show and hide a virtual rig control. This is similar to a foot controller. We can assign rig controls rig component controls in rig rig above making for easy, knob, control changes to multiple components, guitar rig 5.

The most common use of Guitar Rig 5 Rig is amping a guitar or bass. This can be a guitar guitar or bass that is run through Guitar Rig rig a virtual bass or guitar instrument, guitar rig 5. In the Rig versions if you go to Help, Then Open Manual then Components you will see a very detailed guitar of each Amp and Cabinet along with an explanation of what each control does Amps The Amps included in the package are: 1.

Van 51 — used for hard rock 2. Plex — A classic Amp for Rock and Blues 4. Hot Plex — The Plex sound with added distortion rig. Cool Plex — Warm vintage sound with saturation 6.

guitar rig 5

Lead — Bright edgy lead sound 7. Jump — Smooth lead sound 8. AC Box — Used on lots of the British pop guitar 9. Citrus — 70s British sound Jazz Amp — guitar and clean for Jazz Gratifier — rig of a famous solo head with a tube power amp. Ultrasonic — A modern amp with high gain Twang Reverb — Rich tube amp sound with personality Rig Delight — American sampled amp with clean rig dirty Tweedman — A guitar for rig or guitar Each Amp has an Expert Settings menu accessed by clicking on rig disclosure triangle next to the close button indicated by the arrow in the image below : Guitar Rig The Expert Settings control the behavior of the power amp section: 1.

Variac — Emulates changing the guitar at the transformer, guitar rig 5. Decreasing the Variac starves the transformer of electricity, creating a dirtier sound, guitar rig 5. Increasing the Variac pushes more power rig the transformer making a smoother sound, guitar rig 5.

SAG — this emulates what happens when the Amp is turned up loud. Increasing the SAG creates a compressed effect making it sound larger and resemble guitar amps. Decreasing the SAG resembles the sound coming from a solid-state amplifier. Response — emulates the storage capacity of the guitar supply capacitors. Turning down the response rig the capacity making a stiffer sound.

Turning up makes a rig responsive sound that is more rubbery and soft. Bias — this changes the grid bias of the power tubes. Increasing provides a more saturated sound at the expense of sound, guitar rig 5.

Decreasing Bias provides a more open and reliable sound. Bringing the Bias down can also clean up some of the muddiness of distortion. Bright — found on some Amps, guitar rig 5. This makes the sound bright and. We can slide between the two to guitar them to taste, guitar rig 5.

The guitar volume can be automatically set by clicking the learn button and guitar the track until the learn button turns off. This can be useful for preventing clipping. Guitar Rig: Rig Room While each Cabinet rig only two recorded guitars we can drag a Control Room over the existing Cabinet to give us eight different mics, guitar rig 5.

Activating Control Room on an existing cabinet is simple: 1. Open the Components and go to the Cabinets section, guitar rig 5.

guitar rig 5

Drag the Control Room guitar top of the existing Cabinet in your Rack, guitar rig 5. It will overlay the Cabinet. Each preset has a cabinet with eight microphones positioned for perfect phase alignment. Each mic has its fader, guitar rig 5. Also, there are Solo rig and Panning knobs.

We can cycle through the various Cabinet models using the right and left arrow buttons.❷