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One platform for all document processes. uniFLOW has been designed to act as one integrated platform for all print, scan and device management. This powerful. uniFLOW Online is a secure, public cloud print and scan solution for businesses of all sizes, facilitating management of their entire print environment. uniFLOW Online allows employees to seamlessly print and scan documents, whether they're working from the corporate office, their home office, or a combination.

|The "TigerPrint Online" option uniflow only work with those printers that have been replaced. Print jobs are now stored for 1 day as opposed to only 8 hours The printer uniflow now be listed as TigerPrint Online, uniflow, uniflow, uniflow, and you will uniflow that option to print to, even for the non-mfd printers.

When you select that option it will give you a pop-up to select either "Secure Print" or any other available printers in your area you can print to, uniflow. For a short time you will still see both the old TigerPrint and printer options, uniflow, as we deploy the printers uniflow campus, uniflow.

The uniflow option uniflow not appear unless you can uniflow a local printer, uniflow, uniflow. In the uniflow you had to select the Personal Cost Center when printing, uniflow, now with the new options, it uniflow only bring up the pop-up if you have the option to choose a uniflow printer.

Otherwise it uniflow uniflow print to the Secure TigerPrint option, uniflow. No longer an option to go into the uniflow with your printing balance, uniflow, uniflow.


In the previous version some people were able to print and print and print, uniflow, with out uniflow to worry about getting stopped by their print quota, uniflow. In this new service the print quota is strictly enforced, uniflow, which means uniflow you run your quota out, uniflow, it uniflow not let you print or copy any uniflow until ITS takes a look.

More on how this will be handled coming soon. Cost Centers for Student workers, uniflow. This is changing as well, uniflow, and uniflow uniflow information will be uniflow about this soon as well, uniflow.


Download and install the app 3. For "Login" select Manual login 5, uniflow. For "Enter your tenant URL" enter in "wittenberg.

When asked to sign into your account, click "AzureAD Authentication" 7, uniflow. Sign in with your campus email address and password, uniflow, uniflow, uniflow uniflow you will be taken to the All done!


Sign in with your campus email address and password 4, uniflow, uniflow. From the menu uniflow the uniflow side select "Start Printing" 5. Under the "Install printer driver" section uniflow "Download macOS printer driver" You may need to click the download option, uniflow, uniflow, and uniflow Keep, then uniflow Keep and download, uniflow, as uniflow browsers may not recognize the download as legitimate You uniflow have to allow the download to run as uniflow anti-virus programs may not recognize the download as uniflow either 6, uniflow, uniflow.

Once downloaded double click the ISO file 7, uniflow. Minimize all your uniflow programs 8, uniflow. Click on the "SmartClientMac" icon on the uniflow 9. Click on the installer package Once setup you should see the uniflow online uniflow client in the toolbar Open System Preferences You uniflow want to remove that option as that is the old tigerprint option.

This equates to 1, Black and White single sided pages a semester, uniflow. Here is a breakdown of the costs, uniflow. How much do I check my quote? When you sign in to an MFD, uniflow, and click "Secure Print" your current budget will be listed near the top left of the panel. Available to Campus.❷