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X2Go is a project under the umbrella of the Open Remote Computing Association - orca e.V. - a registered association under Germanys Civil Code and also. X2Go is open source remote desktop software for Linux that uses a modified NX 3 protocol. X2Go gives remote access to a Linux system's graphical user interface. It can also be used to access Windows systems through a proxy. Client packages can be. X2Go comes with two main components: the server, which starts and manages the graphical session on the remote machine, and the client, which you.

|An x2goclient volume icon and a window containing an x2goclient, x2go. The x2goclient, x2go. For best performance, do remote visualization on a compute node if you plan to run a graphically intense application. The remote port number must be X2go can choose a different local port number—however, there are some restrictions on which ports can be used, x2go. In our testing, x2go, port numbers between and work properly as the local port for X2go. If you plan x2go establish two connections x2go switch between them from time to time, x2go, x2go, use x2go local port numbers for x2go two connections—for example, one connection uses and the other uses Once you establish the SSH connection, x2go, continue with Step 2, x2go.

As x2go below, x2go windows will appear: x2go X2Go Client window, and x2go window in gray x2go Session preferences - X2go Session, x2go, where you can x2go settings. This window opens x2go the Session tab and shows default settings, x2go. Notes: If you don't see the Session preferences - X2go Session window, find the x2goclient toolbar at the upper left of your desktop and select New session from x2go Session pulldown menu.

You might see a pop-up dialog x2go that asks you to deny or allow PulseAudio to accept incoming network connections, x2go.


Unless you need audio from the remote server, we suggest you deny it, x2go. To prevent the message from appearing during future connections, disable PulseAudio in the PulseAudio settings pane of the Preferences panel, x2go, as shown below: Step 3: Configure Your Session In the Session x2go - New session window, x2go, configure your session as follows: In the Session name field, x2go, enter a name of your choice, x2go.

The x2go to specify the Session type is described in substep 5. Note: Our benchmark results x2go that the x2go of a single xterm session is better than an IceWM window manager session, x2go.

In the Host field, enter: In x2go SSH port field, x2go a local port number; for example, x2go, or You can choose x2go different port number, as long as it is consistent with what you used in Step 1: Create x2go SSH Tunnel. X2go else needs to be modified.


Click OK. Note: A session configuration is x2go even after a reboot of your local. This makes it simpler to reuse the same session x2go for a newly established SSH tunneling connection in a future session, x2go. If you want to permanently remove a session configuration, x2go, use one of these two methods: X2go on the icon located at the x2go corner of the small window similar to the one below, for each session configuration, then select Delete session.

From the Session pulldown x2go at the upper left of the x2goclient toolbar, x2go, x2go, select Session management and select a session configuration, x2go, x2go click X2go session, x2go. The following events will occur: You x2go be prompted for your passphrase to unlock the x2go pair, x2go, or for your NAS username and password, x2go.

Provide the answers as prompted, x2go. A small window will pop up showing the status as connecting. The first time you try to connect, x2go, you may see a message similar to one of the following two: The server is unknown, x2go, x2go. Do you trust the host key? Public key hash: An attacker might have changed the default server key to trick your client into x2go the key does not exist yet, x2go.

For security reasons, it x2go recommended to stop the connection attempt. Do you want to terminate the connection? If x2go get such a message, the likely reason is that you have never connected to ❷